Friday, November 20, 2009

pretty & practical

i've been seeing these little treasures in decorator's blogs all over the place and THEN i was appalled as real simple featured these this month as a must have. "NO!" i thought, "now everyone is going to know about these pretty pieces & snatch them away from me." then i realized this is a season of giving {and i should really be giving every season so fine...} these are penguin hardback classic novels. they have come out with this awesome line of books that fancies up any shelf, they unify but still add interest & color, AND they actually serve a purpose as they are great novels in history! real simple says they go for $20 a pop but they are about $13.60 on amazon.

i'm not much a collector but i would like to start collecting by one.
how great would these be on the shelf in the den?
or in a stack in your office / all purpose craft room?
{that's my dream} yes please! i will take them all!
add a set of these to my list of 'things that i would like to have appear at my home for free.'

there was a flickr album dedicated just to these books....i had to steal sorry. check it out from the original source {


  1. i saw these too! i've considered buying them for a kids room.

    btw, you won my giveaway! drop me an email christirauth {at} gmail {dot} com with your address and i'll mail it off!

  2. oh i love these! so glad you posted about them because i haven't seen them around yet.

    i'm in love...

  3. I LOVE these.. so cute and pretty!!

  4. I've been totally drooling over those Anthro books!


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