Friday, November 20, 2009

my two cents

last week on friday i gave you 'a penny for your thoughts' & today i'm giving you 'my two cents' i see a friday theme forming... i won't commit to it yet just in case i get flaky {ie: that's amore tuesday this week}
-so here are my thoughts for today-

the song "so this is christmas" is the saddest christmas song ever. ok maybe that isn't true but it makes me really sad whenever i hear it.

weekend camp starts tonight. please be praying for ben & my energy to keep up with a bunch of high schoolers, pray for everyone's safety and that they will have one of the best weekends of their life, and most of all pray that the lord will be at work in the hearts of our friends while they are hearing the good news of the gospel.

why is it that i live my whole life thinking "if i only had just a little more free time i could do ____" but then when i have a free moment i never want to do those things?

i have been a borderline basket case this week. please make it stop.

ben & i decided to come back to town on saturday next week {after thanksgiving} to decorate our house for christmas. i am soooooo excited. i want to go get a tree next monday :) are you a real tree or fake tree person? i think we'll get fake. don't shake your head at me.

i love mittens & cozy things. i love blankets & snuggling. i want to bake some homemade cookies soon.

i've waited too long to christmas shop and it's not thanksgiving yet. i hate how crowded it is EVERYWHERE in lexington on the evenings and weekends. it makes me want to stay in...which is fine if i had already purchased all my gifts for fam & friends!

i went to the neurologist {as mentioned} & turns out i just have "common" migraines. that means that i have all the symptoms linked with just a good ol' regular migraines without having a warning signal {like an aura or tingling sensations that come with "classic migraines"}. he basically said that there is not too much to worry about - there wasn't really cause for concern or for further tests. hooray! and he did mention that there is a preventative medicine that can help to never headaches....can you imagine!? but that i was really on the borderline for that. it is a prescription that i would have to take everyday & does have potential side effects {like all meds} so it is for people that have migraines very frequently. for a few months i was having them a couple times a week but now i've gone back to my norm - once every 3 weeks or so {hence me being borderline for the med, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little}.

almost all the trees are bare but we still have leaves everywhere...all over our yard that is. raking = not fun; jumping in piles of leaves = VERY fun

last night we watched another installment of mrs. beth moore. it was about peace & as always it was fantastic. some of the points that stuck out most to me is that: to the degree that we are willing to let christ rule in our lives is the degree to which we will have peace. the more control that we have, the greater chaos we will bring. she also made some excellent points about being a peacemaker rather than a peace"keeper." i'm going to be working on that. i rarely pray for peace for myself but often do for those around me. i think i should be praying for christ's ever increasing authority in my life and HIS peace will sure follow.
happy weekend {almost} hope you enjoy your day & your weekend. do you have any cents / sense to share?


  1. I came over to you after seeing your response from Edie's Harry Potter Post. I agree with you totally.

    Also, I am a Beth Moore fan as well. Love her.

    Curious.... why do you not capitalize God or Lord on your blog?

  2. because i write in all lower cases in my blog - at the begining of sentences and all. do you think that's disrespectful? i've never thought about it via blog before?


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