Sunday, November 15, 2009

every kitchen needs a table...

and here's ours!
we had to get the world's smallest table because our backdoor swings inside {versus swinging outside or sliding}, the light in the middle of the room & pantry door on the opposite wall. ok... it isn't the world's SMALLEST table but it is pretty close. i think that it is 36" X 36" which is absolutely perfect for the space. its a bar height table but it doesn't feel overwhelming or heavy in the more bragging shot since i am so psyched about our new dining space! now we don't have to eat every meal on the couch or in our dining room with no light {we haven't hung up a new one yet}.
i also "fall-ed" it up with a super simple & cheap centerpiece!
gold charger from hobby lobby = $1.99
stolen pinecones from neighbor's front yard = FREE
khaki colored candle = bought two years ago at bed bath so FREE-ish?

i wanted to put a couple cinnamon sticks in there for the scent & for some more flare but a tiny tin at kroger was $5 so i decided to pass. some other fun options you could try starting with something simple like this would be to spray paint your "cones", run a ribbon in and out of the piece or even add in some decorative berries.

after i collected these wonders of nature from the end of the street i saw a few bags of them for sale at michael's. the were going for $4.99 for a pack of about 8. they may have been a bit more symmetrical than mine, and most likely had less sap but after seeing both i am definitely pleased that i stuck with my free hand picked ones!

yay for tables. yay for fall.
thank you weekend for all the fun.


  1. Love that table! Love it! It's so chic and perfect! You are right... every kitchen needs a table and that ones is just perfect! ;)

  2. Yay Jen! I love your new table and props to you for having pictures hung up! We have yet to do that and we moved in here about a month before you! By the way... I would reeeaaallly like about 15 pine cones, I want to paint and gitter mine for Christmas. Can I come get some from your neighbors? Or is there a park I could go?

  3. Well done. Like the table, like the decor. Sharp!
    ~ Wendy

  4. I think the table looks great in that space. I hope you and Ben enjoy it. The centerpiece is adorable. Mom

  5. I love your new table - and your pinecone center piece! Yay for kitchen tables - so much better than eating on the couch!

  6. Carly-

    You are welcome to steal from my neighbor also! I feel pretty confident that they aren't going to be using them, not to mention that they have a TON...steal from the rich & give to the poor right?

    AND don't be too proud of me for hanging art on the walls, we only have two things hung and that's because there were already nails in the wall. We are so lazy. Neither of the two things hung are where they are going to stay either...Ben just keeps saying "after we paint"...


  7. I would reeeaaallly like about 15 pine cones, I want to paint and gitter mine for Christmas. How to make a website


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