Tuesday, November 24, 2009

.a sweet award.

BLOGGERS! big news... i was given the kreativ blogger award! i was ever so sweetly nominated by savannah from 'pitter patter' & angela from 'tales of a short southern momma'. what a delight!

savannah also nominated two of my best friends in the whole wide world for the award. because of this fact & because i read her blog {obsessively} i feel that she would fit in perfectly with us girls. savannah - if you move about an hour south i'm pretty sure we could all eat lunch together & go flea market hunting each week! friends, you definitely need to check this girl out!

and for mrs. southern momma - she will make you giggle and laugh daily. she's got hilarious stories and great ideas. hop on over there very very soon!

here are the rules:
-thank the person who nominated me for the award: check
-copy the logo and place it on my blog: check
-link to the person who nominated me: check
-list 7 things people may not know about me: ok ok here goes the rest!
-nominate 7 creative bloggers
-post their links
-leave a comment on each

things you may not know about me:
{i pretty much tell you all everything so i don't have much else to share but...}

1. my family is ginormous. i know that isn't a word and i probably spelled the fake word wrong but it is huge. this is one {immediate-ish} side of the 4 sides of my family. and then i also married into a HUGE family as well. we invited 230 family members to our wedding between ben & i and that was only "closest" members {1st cousins & closer} - does that give you a hint? i've got 1 mom, 1 dad, 1 step-mom, 1 step-dad, 1 mom-in-love, 1 dad-in-love, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 brother-in-laws, 1 sister-in-law & 11 grandparents between ben & i. i won't scare you with the list of aunts, uncles & cousins.

2. i am a gift card queen. with a giant & generous family like the one listed in #1 you accumulate many gifts. between christmas, birthdays & various occasions i have acquired the most massive stash of gift cards. and it seems to never gets depleted, i use them & use them & just as i think i'm running low...there comes another holiday where my stack of cards grows & grows. it has always been such a blessing & especially now through this first year of marriage.

3. i am allergic to fruit. the allergy didn't develop until i was 18. boo! i don't like many things that are good & healthy for me but fruit is one of them so it is a tragedy that nearly every time i eat some delicious fruit my mouth gets big hot bumps inside of it and my throat starts itching horribly. 4. my eyes are a really weird color. when i was in first grade we were learing how to make tally charts by separating everyone in class they their specific color. i got in one group and then my mean teacher said no, you have gray eyes and made me stand in a group all by myself. how tramatic! now they have changed into some weird green / gray / brown mixture. the top half of my eye is brown, the bottom is greenish and i have a dark gray ring around it all. my mom accused me of using latise {the brooke shield's eye-lash grower} because it can darken your eyes...nope they just naturally went pigment crazy!
5. i L-O-V-E making hideous faces in pictures. i don't know why i think it is so funny but i do. call me a 5 year old i don't care. i also love to mess up other people's pics with my nasty faces. here is one of my all-time ugliest faces. i CANNOT believe i am sharing this with blogland. the girls will probably take my kreativ award away. here it is...don't throw up.

6. benny & i met when we were 15, i was a freshman who just moved to northern ky and he was a sophomore who had just moved to northern ky. we met at my locker. awwww...7. i have really stretchy skin. super stretchy. this isn't the absolute stretchiest that i can go but its a good neck capture.

now to nominate some other folks for the award! i send this award to:
[thirsty hearts]: my dear friend ang sharing as she goes through life, marriage, ministry, pregnancy & by next week...having a brand new baby boy!
living with lindsay: very crafty lady with TONS of diy projects!
all you need is love: one of my very best childhood friends, cassie gives glimpses into her new life in jasper with her hubby, new home & precious puppy, chip. i love to see all the home-y remodels they do!
lovely scribbles: nikki & i recently found each other & much like savannah & i, i think that we are destined to be friends. she is a crafty crafter & is a calligraphy master. she is always sharing super sweet ideas!
grey umbrella: christi. oh i i love her blog. she has a great mix of all different types of things on her blog, always keeping you on your toes! she also has a really special feature where after certain posts she links you to other ideas along the same lines of what she just shared at other neat blogs. mmm...love this!
{i know the award calls for 7....i'm doing 5...don't hate me}

images that aren't mind are provided by flickr & are linked to their owner


  1. WOW! I'm tickled! Thanks for passing it along to me! I'll post later tonight. I love learning more about blogland friends ... allergic to fruit? and stretchy skin (maybe it will save you from any stretch marks when you are pregnant!). xoxo

  2. Congrats! And no fruit. Ahhhhh. I couldn't deal. I'm a fruitoholic!

  3. Oh my goodness I think I have that same allergy!? Do you still get it when food is cooked or processed? Like, I can't eat a cucumber but I can eat a pickle...or I can't eat a peach but I can eat peach pie. My mom used to think I was lying and just didn't want to eat my fruits and vegetables. Then my boyfriends mom who is a medical transcriptionist found information on it! Apparantly its a rare allergy but there is something in the foods and when they are cooked it cooks out. She said people are saying that evolution is the reason because as the world has evolved we rely more on processed foods and less on food from the earth. The allergy is a reaction to a missing protein that some bodys just dont produce!
    haha, ok that was a lot of info and you may not have the same allergy...but I was excited to find someone who might have the same thing as me! (people think its wierd when I tell them about it)

  4. Awwwe, shucks Jen, thanks so much!!! You made my day! Ooh, ooh I've been meaning to comment on yesterday's post (today's was fab too, by the way), but I have been completely swamped at work this week. Yikes!! Now, I'm off for more madness (it never ends), but stay tuned...I WILL be commenting on yesterday's post tomorrow :). What a fun stuff!

  5. What a cute blog, just found it! You have a new follower :)

  6. Oh, thank you so much! You are such a sweetie!!

    Love your stretchy skin - ha!!


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