Tuesday, November 3, 2009

.so proud to be a wildcat.

so i just have to write an angry scorning post as well as a bragging post. a two for one...aren't you lucky?

Please click {here} to see an atrocity {please excuse the video being a tape of a tv}. i tried to embed it in my blog but failed. i'm very sorry for my lack of skills. its only 20-some seconds & a safe site.

what you are seeing is florida's running back, brandon spikes, eye gouging a georgia player during their game this past weekend. what a dirty nasty player! i know that i may be a tad biased as a gator hater but no matter who is acting like that i would be appalled! tebow came out and said in essence, like a 3 year old, "they started it." it is never ok to act like that, not even in retaliation! to make matters worse, the s.e.c. didn't reprimand spikes at all and urban meyer gave brandon the tiniest slap on the hand by suspending him for half of one game. thank you southeastern conference & florida staff for sending the message that playing dirty is ok, that it is alright to have NO integrity and that there are NO consequences for you actions. that's what america needs...more people like that.

now in stark contrast to this disgrace of sportsmanship is our own wonderful wildcat, patrick paterson {or p. pat as i like to call him}. i found {this article} on yahoo's home page a few weeks ago and was BLOWN away. not only by what a talented & athletic basketball player he is BUT also by his huge heart. he loves to take care of UK fans and he gives up his time and energy to those who need it most. this article will make you wish you were a wildcat too, if you aren't one already. it's lengthy but well worth the read.

i had to include this pic. two of my favorite bball players of all time. p pat & meeks. roomies, awesome players, awesome people.
so wildcat fans be proud. we may have lost terribly to florida the last time we played but i hold my head up high knowing that we have boys with heart, skills AND intergrity. chomp on that florida!



  1. Eric and I went to the game last night! It was really fun :)

  2. Benny Boiiiiii @ sexyhubbies.comTuesday, November 03, 2009

    I am proud not only to be a WILDCAT but to be your HUSBAND! I love that you love the cats...Although I do love Meeks and he WAS my favorite player, Eric Bledsoe is slowly creeping into that place for me as a favorite. P. Pat will always have a special place in my heart.



    P.S. - Florida is super dirty

    P.S.S. - Don't click on the URL as I am not sure where it exactly leads...I just like to make up funny websites in my head. I don't know if it exists...

  3. Jen, I love this article. I shared it with all the UK fans in my office and they loved it too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Don't have a clue about all this sports stuff but I agree about playing dirty - should be a huge penalty for that dirty little tactic! Ben - glad to know that Benny Boiiiii@sexyhusbands.com isn't real - but that leads me to even more questions....... HAHA
    Love you both!


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