Monday, November 23, 2009

that's amore monday <3

so today for that's amore monday i thought i would share something i love / hear some thoughts from you. first of all i would like to say that i am very pleased that this will actually be posted on monday. as it should be. second of all i am wiped out from weekend - which i will share with you soon - SO this may not make a whole lot of sense but just go with it. that's what friends do.

today i love mixing it up. i love to go on adventures and see new things. i like to mix up the relaxing & resting with the going & doing. after a long weekend out in the middle of nowhere indiana i thought i would see what you all think {since i love them all}. remember...this doesn't have to be what you actually do or where you actually live, but rather play fantasy & favorites.

are you more of a hustle-&-bustle, stay in the action, walk around town, want to live in the city type of person?

.enjoying the city parks & touring all the attractions.

.going out on the river or lake.

.walking to work, a concert, a coffee shop or a friend's place.

.living up the night life & going to see shows.

the city sounds fun to me but i only love it for a little while. i like to be able to go in for a baseball game or to see a great band. i like that you can walk to where you're going. and city transport {subways & taxi's} even have a little luster when you don't use them often. i like skylines & interesting people. i like to see the different types architecture, the city's claims to fame, as well as it's hidden treasures. just call me a tourist why don't you.

or do you just swoon over a weekend in the country. out in the middle of nowhere with not much to do & a whole lot to see?
i love the structures you see out in the country. i like that it doesn't feel modern. i love old stone and weathered wood.
i adore tree tunnels. i like to be surrounded by nature. i think that it is awesome to get to experience God while enveloped in beautiful creation.
oh & fields. it is a weird thing to love but i do i love them. whenever we're driving and there is a large field of tall grass, dead corn or gorgeous sunflowers i think...snapshot. i would love to have all those pics of worn slatted fences holding in tall breezy growth.
need i say more?
i think the country is so fun because you get to have imagination. you can make up games to play & go out into the wilderness. you don't get cell service so you actually can talk to people you're with. you can see the stars at night because there aren't any competing lights.
so here's the point when i should probably pick one of the two especially since i'm asking you to. but like i said i like to mix it up. i like to see a little of both every now & then, it helps me appreciate the unique & wonderful aspects about each. in all actuality i think i'm neither the trend-setting city-slicker & i'm not a down-home country girl {although i do love a day down on the lake}, i think i am just the plain jane suburbanite.
i love neighborhoods. not necessarily cookie cutter homes or anything but i do love homes that aren't too far apart. i like having a manageable yard and friends near by. convenience is huge for me - i love being near to work & ministry & kroger {oh yes kroger}. as lame as that sounds i would always love to live in a place like that. especially once we have kids. one of my favorite things growing up was that we lived within walking distance of probably 80% of our friends, we could play outside all the time together, ride bikes & go to the pool. i want our future little kids to be able to do that with neighborhood friends too! the suburbs also often lend themselves to being in between both the city & the country so you can easily get to either, at least that is how it has been in my life. mmm...that sounds like home to me!
so what's the verdict? how do you like picturing spending your days no strings attached?
would you go city-life or country living?
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  1. oh that is so difficult, they are both so beautiful in their own little ways... but today I would love to be in the country :)

    I was nominated for the Kreativ Blog Award a few days ago and I would like to pass one of my nominations along to you! You can see the instructions in my blog.
    Thanks for such a fabulous blog!

  2. I'm with you. I'm a mixed bag and love aspects of both. That's what I adored about living in DC. You got the perks of a city lifestyle but were super close to various lovely country getaway spots!

  3. I think that today, right now, I would like to be in the city! A warm city though :)

  4. um...can we just all move back to Owl Creek when we get a little older? Then our kids can ride their bikes together and have bike car washes. And we can go to parties at the lodge like our parents probably did. And we can take our kids to the pool every day in the summer. BEST NEIGHBORHOOD EVER!!!!

    What awesome memories...

  5. i think i am with you. i like to be in the middle. but i do have a few demands.

    -a starbucks
    -a target
    -a super close downtown

    i think i would be either city or suburbanite.


  6. Right there with ya! Your blogs so cute!

  7. I love this post because I think of this all too often. I live in the suburbs, but my full-time career takes me to downtown Minneapolis 5 days a week. I am kind of a home-body, yet an outdoorsy kind of person, so I love coming home to a place that has a comfy neighborhood feel with the country right around the bend. YET, I love the vibe and energy of working in the City. I grew up in a really small town out in the boonies, so the City gives me just enough of a boost that I don't get bored and can always look forward to my down time at home. Again, I think you and I have much in common here!


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