Monday, November 9, 2009

that's amore monday <3

welcome back to that's amore monday. today i love totes. grocery totes. reusable grocery totes. there are not many areas of my life where i am "green" {please don't throw things at me} but one idea that i do support & try to participate in are totes. i like that they are functional, easy, good to the environment & often...cute. i also like that i don't have a constant stash of plastic bags accumulating in my pantry as i try & save them to recycle but never do. i like the versatility of a good canvas or polypropylene bag {those made from recycled materials} i can just as easily carry my groceries in my tote as i can pajamas & toiletries for an overnight, books from the library, craft supplies from micheal's or even gifts or up-coming christmas events.

the only totes i currently own are generic kroger ones which definitely serve their purpose & the more totes the better in my book BUT i now have my eye on some cutesy cute ones from a multitude of vendors.
drawing of a city-scape, fun & doesn't remind you of food. you could carry this around anywhere!
info: cosa verde Welcome to City Town - Recycled Grocery / Shopping / Everyday Tote
two target totes with cute & clever imprints

i found these on, a set of 4 for $18.99. i think each one is adorable, and as a set...shoo! i am for it! i like each color of bag and each imprint.
a bag designer named jenny hurth create bags out of old vinyl & signs. i think they are a perfect "around town" bag. these type of bags seem simple enough to construct but i'm not sure how simple it is to sew vinyl. i'll leave that up to jenny.
now for something i do think i could create! martha stewart gives a tutorial here on how to stamp your own canvas bag. i think it looks like a real fun idea and totally customizable. you could add a fun monogram, stripes or both! add a little snaz to your bags.
i think this blogger, danny also made their own imprint too, either with iron on transfer or stencil. i thought it turned out great. i want this bag. perhaps after my forever long list of 'to-do's this can be my next fun project.

i may even add some more tote options after i scour check back again to see if there's an update.

how do you all feel about a good tote {the bag kind, not a purse}. for 'em? don't really care? have you found a favorite tote? if so where? have you ever made your own bag or imprint for one? can't wait to hear from you.

have fun being a bag lady. or man. that's amore monday.

{each image is linked to its source, the creator or where it can be purchased}


  1. I've really been into the reusable bag trend lately as well. I get so sick of all the plastic bags accumulating as I never seem to return them to Kroger for recycling. I posted a while back about a reusable market bag I had sewn from a pattern by Alicia Paulson. I finally purchased more fabric and I will be making three more of these bags soon and I am so excited. I love having a reusable and oh so cute way to carry my groceries home.

    Here is my post if you are interested:

    And if you are ever interested in trying to sew a few of your own, I high recommend Alicia's pattern!

  2. it's about dang time.

    that's all i have to say. that and that i have 5 reusable bags. however, 80% of the time, i forget to bring them in to the store and use plastic instead.


  3. i took a tote one time...

    and i never heard the end of it...

    i think you know which one i'm talking about...

    ate a whoooolllleee ppiiieee, right?!

  4. Just like Shannon said - got 'em but usually forget to take them in! Makes me mad and I question my senility! I don't have any cute ones, just super huge Sams Club bags that if I fill completely up - can't even lift. Not a good plan...I do love the looks of some of the totes out there but am always to cheap to pick up more!


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