Thursday, November 19, 2009

thursday night line up

on thursday evenings our dvr gets the most gigantic work out. benny & i are never home on thursdays so we must rely on this fantastic recording invention to fill our tv needs. we tape 4 hours of television and then watch it throughout the next week. excessive? yes. why would all the good shows air on one night, at conflicting times....geesh. there really isn't one other show that i care to watch during the week other than those that come on on thursday. that's silly.

the office.
'nough said. i was super faithful in watching it in the early seasons, i kind of fell off the band wagon and NOW that we can dvr i'm back in the game. i like old reruns just the same as the new ones but its kind of fun just to see something you haven't viewed before.
project runway.
i am a tad obsessed with this show although this season's designer haven't been my all time faves i have really enjoyed it. tonight is the FINALE. bryant park here we come! i don't want to mention names and spoil it for all those out there who may not be caught up.
ok. this is a show that i never wanted to share my love for via blog because 1. i'm pretty sure none of you have ever seen it and 2. if you did watch it you would probably be disgusted that i think its hilarious! it's always sunny in philadelphia is gross and stupid and i love it. danny devito is so small and troll-like...he's my favorite. i just shake with laughter for 30 minutes.
and finally...flash forward.
i'm still not really into this show but for some reason just keep watching it like i'm going to start loving it at any moment. that hasn't happened yet. i think i'm just biding my time until LOST comes back on. oh i love you!
so that's what my dvr has planned for the night while i'm out and about. it gets so much play. what do you think is worth 'saving'?
ps- i also watch 'the hills' sometimes on tuesdays. don't judge. i just felt like a liar when i said there wasn't one other show i watch. its trash i realize. i'm sorry.


  1. All the good shows come on Thursday for me too! I pretty much just stick to abc though, gotta get my medical themed dramas in. And I swore I wouldn't watch the Hills since Lauren left, but I find myself back in it and caught up in the Brody/Kristin/Audrina drama!!

    P.S. I've been going crazy without updates from Darby!! Finally a little something yesterday :)

  2. I'm totally with you on the Office and Project Runway. We do the same thing with the DVR and watching shows throughout the week. I also watch Dancing with the Stars and sometimes So You Think You Can Dance, although that one lady judge REALLY drives me nuts-o. Seth records lots of other things I'm not interested in, like motorcycles and too many WW2 shows. I have recently decided I also LOVE 30Rock. And I found out that Insight/Time Warmer have prime time episodes stored On Demand and I don't even have to record them. Check it out!

  3. I love Thursday night TV too! I really love TV about 3 days a week. I am breaking down Ryan's anti-TV barriers and I'm super pumped about it! We now watch The Good Wife and Modern Family together. I also really enjoy Grey's Anatomy (I know it is trash but I can't help it) and Biggest Loser it makes me cry almost every week. BUT we don't have DVR Ryan doesn't think we should be that connected to our TV. We do have some pretty awesome laptops though and is how I get my TV fix it is almost as soon as DVR and maybe even better because we can watch it in bed (we don't have a TV in our bedroom) Yay for weekend camp! See you tomorrow Jen!

  4. What did we do before TiVo??? Here's my ridiculously long line-up: Dancing with the Stars, Castle, Community (makes me laugh so hard), Eastwick (which just got canceled for very good was SUCH a stupid show, but darn it I enjoyed it :) ), The Vampire Diaries, The Office, Modern Family, Cougartown, Ugly Betty...did I remember everything?

    I read your comment on Edie's post over at Life in Grace responding to another commenter about the importance of sharing our Christian life with a body of believers. I thought it was very eloquently and lovingly put. Right on. Praise God we don't have to run this race alone :)


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