Thursday, November 5, 2009

pretty please peonies

after being inspired by {that winsome girl's billy button post} i thought i'd share one of my fave flowers with you too. i feel like every time i am flipping through a magazine filled with beautiful homes there is always a small julip cup or mini vase holding precious peonies that brighten the whole room. i think a small holder full of bright fluffy flowers make any room feel more complete. and i should mention that at the moment i only have one room with fluffy flowers and they aren't that bright or fluffy.

here they are...some peonies pics to get your day going.

hope you enjoy these little beauties as much as i do & yes, i would love to have a couple bundles of these since you were wondering.

{i hope that each of the above images are linked to their owners. i think a few of my links are screwy, i will try & fix it very soon but blogger is really fighting me.}


  1. These images are so lovely! Snipits of beauty like this always get my day off to a great start! I love peonies, too. :)


  2. How sweet of your to mention my billy button post! I am loving these peonies, I can see why they are your favorite!!! The bunch in the first photo is absolutely gorgeous. I love how fluffy, soft and feminine the peonies are. You know, I think my mom has a peony bush in her yard and I've always admired it but never knew they were peonies. After seeing these photos I am reminded of them and how we used to pick them and put them in vases on our nightstands.

  3. them!!! Hope your having a great week and I have left you a little something over at my place! = )

  4. i love these too! i planted some, so hopefully they will bloom this spring!

  5. These are my fave! Our house came with them planted in the back and I LOVE it when they bloom in the spring. I always cut some and put them in a vase. I can cut some for you next spring if you want :)

  6. I love peonies - so much that I was going to fly them in from S. America for my wedding - but they were $1k per box of ten! I don't love them THAT much! Yeesh! Those pictures are beautiful!


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