Sunday, November 29, 2009

that's amore monday

before i dive into my 'that's amore monday' i wanted to do you feel about the chrismasified bloggy blog? i tried to decorate my house & instead decorated my blog. do you feel overwhelmed or festive? i'm going to leave it either way...i was just curious about your thoughts. and...i'm posting this sunday night knowing that tomorrow is going to be more than hectic...kiss it tardy tuesday post. hope everyone is ok with me getting crazy with the posting schedule, because it's!

today for that's amore monday i say...
stop in the name of love!
how sweet is that stoplight?

i say stop in the name of love & express it! today i honor the love letter.
i know what you're thinking...who wouldn't love a love letter? who wouldn't just love someone special spilling gushy guts to them via note? well, i not only appreciate the love letter, i just melt over them.

.i love sending them. i love receiving them.
i know that saying things face to face is intimate & touching but via letter just seems so romantic & honest.
i like that you can keep what they say with you. you can read it more than once - you can't do that with a normal conversation {well i guess you could with a tape recorder, creepy}. you can remember special things & times. one of my favorite things about knowing ben for so long is that we have all of these 'artifacts' of getting to know each other & basically a paper trail documenting our journey together...some good, some bad, some deep, some shallow but all are so true to our walk together. i know that years from now i'll be so happy to have the ability to reminisce on our first years together.
i also love that people {myself included} sometimes write things on paper that are difficult to say out loud. you have the opportunity to chose your words so carefully - to be fully genuine & sincere.
i think my favorite part of a love letter is just that it is homemade. it's personal & made with care. i think that is the most endearing part of the love letter - it's full of love.
i'm a big fan of romance. whether you live in the same house with your love {like moi} or across the country from them, i think that a love letter is a romance essential. i like that you don't need a special occasion to leave a love note...just the fact that you're in love & you want to make someone feel special.

remember to love someone in a special way today. give someone the warm-&-fuzzies. keep the love letter alive. record your thoughts & share them. dress it up, leave it really can't go wrong if its from the heart {and is as sweet as can be}.

how do you all you adore a sweet note as much as me?

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Jen! More often than not, my chosen form of love is through the written word. I handwrite notes notes to my husband, encouragement notes to friends, thinking of you cards to my grandmas. For my first anniversary, I journaled my husband's and my entire first year of marriage...little details and all and included little pictures with mini frames of us to go with it (it took forever!). There truly is power in the written word, but how wonderful it is to receive a love letter that you can always keep and look back on!

  2. You sound like me... my house isn't decorated... not sure when it will be. I'm online too much! :)

  3. 1.) i love notes
    2.) i love the christmas blog. i feel one coming on myself :)


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