Thursday, November 12, 2009

a penny for your thoughts

thoughts for the day:

-i realized last night that i don't have skills. how do you acquire skills that you don't already have - with little effort, i don't want to have to try very hard?

-sitting in a police car trying to catch speed violators on new circle road {a heavily traveled main road in lexington} at 5:10 pm is about the most moronic thing i have ever seen. catching someone speeding at that time on that road is about as likely as me wearing crocs or lifting 50 pounds over my head...its not going to happen. is it not obvious that everyone is sitting in stop-and-go traffic for MILES during that time? don't you see that no one is going over 15 mph? i'm sure there are far more productive things we could have them do with our tax payer dollars than sit and watch drivers NOT speed.

-tonight is our area YL banquet. ben & i are hosting a table & speaking at some others. there will be people from all over the community coming to hear about the mission, what we do and how to get involved if they'd like to. they/we will also be talking about the gospel so we're also praying that the lord will really be at work in the hearts of our friends that are there! it should be a fun night.

-it's starting to get cold cold cold. brrrrrrr. almost time for mittens & hot chocolate. i like these things.

-my mom & pop got us a kitchen table as a housewarming present & my handy husband who has many more skills than myself put it together for us last night. i can't wait to share it with you all...its perfect for us. thank you parents!! now i want to fill it with a beautimous fall centerpiece.

-my mom sometimes says "fiddle" & i think that's funny.

-i've been seeing a lot of two legged side-tables in catalogs and magazines. as soon as i tried to search for them to show you an example i couldn't find one. go figure. maybe because i don't know its correct terminology for such a table. regardless they are always pretty and styled beautifully but i can't figure out how they are sturdy. do you attach it to the wall? has anyone else noticed these tables in pics of entryways or dens? how do they work!?
update! amy sent me a link to a martha stewart version on a "half table" that is almost exactly what i was talking about. - that's what blog friends are for! - so helpful
{photo linked to how-to tutorial}
i tried to google "half tables" now that i considered that the 'right' terminology but still only got half moon tables and i really wanted to show you all some rectangular ones. boo google...but i still like you better than bing.

-yl weekend camp is 1 week away. prayers welcome. we are praying that the lord will give us some last minute sign ups & for god to be at work in the hearts of our h.s. friends - they are going to hear the good news of the gospel!

-two weeks til turkey day! we have an awful lot to be thankful for.

-a few days ago ben had to redo his pin / mastercard business because of some breach through through the bank. i looked over at ben shredding his paperwork {by hand we don't have a shredder} and then he put a couple tiny pieces in his mouth, mumbling..."you'll never get my number"

-for a while i was starting to think that i was just obsessed with home furnishings and design. i was feeling like i would love anything that anyone put in front of me. but the more i look around i see that i don't like everything and i don't care for every kind of aesthetic out there, which is great..different tastes make things interesting - it just makes me happy that i'm not being a design-lover with no preferences... i have a certain taste all my own.

-i'm going to buy paint this weekend for the house & make crafty crafts...i may or may not be able to share what i make with you.

have a glorious day & please share anything thoughts that you need to get out of your head & into cyberspace. i know you have some.

{image linked to flickr owner}


  1. Is this table from Martha Stewart the kind you are talking about?

    I'm not sure how the tables typically function. This one is a DIY table and Martha notes that you attach a piece of wood to the wall at the height of the tabletop and the table rests on this block of wood for support. You could always keep an eye out at yard sales and flea markets for an old table to repurpose this way.

  2. YES! Very much like that MS table. The ones that I've seen have all been rectangular {which I really like} but that one is adorable. Thank you for sharing that about how it IS attached to the wall...I was so curious!!


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