Monday, November 2, 2009

if you love blogs, you will love this...

{excluding my besties who are all fabulous bloggers}
i'm pretty sure if you read my blog that you know i just adore other people's blogs. i am inspired by their thoughts, photos, ideas, creativity, design, projects & messages. today i thought i would share some of my favey faves with you. my top 5 favorite blogs. i should probably first say that i never ever pick favorites for anything. i'm the worst, so while i love each of these blogs i still have a bundle in tow that are completely worthy of being doted over.

little green notebook: i check it constantly. it's weird how i wait with bated breath for her next entry? jenny is a interior designer with pearl street interiors & has a fantastic eye for fun & fresh decor. she can reupholster anything & i love love love every room & redo she presents. she is the ultimate diy-er & she keeps everything within a budget. those are the kinds of renovations i can admire - not only does she have creative design ideas but she is also able to execute them herself while not breaking the bank. teach me please!!

fly through my window: darby is a mom to three, super crafty & loves the lord. she literally has three of the most adorable children i have EVER seen - its almost sickening they are so precious. she has a fancy camera & every shot she takes is gorgeous. she can sew, create & cook with the best of 'em. i am always impressed with each new entry & i pretty much want to be her friend...could i be more creepy?

kisses from katie: katie is a 20-something from tennessee who has adopted 13 orphaned girls in uganda. she is a missionary who takes god's word incredibly seriously. she is an amazing example of what living out the gospel really looks like. she feeds the poor {hundreds of them}, takes in the orphans, heals the sick, - she is their physician & caretaker. she is their advocate & spreads the good news to all of those around her. every time i read this blog i am in awe of her heart, convicted by the level to which i don't give my life away & am incredibly encouraged by her strength, compassion & faith in the lord. her is a post that gives a small overview of her story in uganda.

freckles chick: she is a thirty-ish young lady who is stylish & sassy. she's witty & youthful. she is also a diy-er, has a beautiful house & great taste. a great place for a laugh & for some inspiration. she also has a great little widget on her sidebar that called "links i love" that always lead me to other blog entries that make my heart melt - we have a lot of the same loves.

breaking through: lyr is a beautiful momma, wife & most importantly a daughter of the lord most high. she has a huge heart for god, is extremely faithful & is a definite encouragement to her blog readers. she has a handsome little boy, some mad photography & writing skills & a very sweet, sincere manner. i love to see what she has to say!

if you are a 'crazy blogger' like me you must check out these awesome ladies & their blogs. have fun perusing & please let me know what you think. i have a feeling you will not be disappointed. i can go through each of their blog archives for days {without ceasing} so i hope you love them just as much. perhaps i'll share some of my real life blogger friends with you soon!

.have a very sweet & bloggy day.


  1. You sweet, sweet woman you!!! That was so sweet of you to pick MY blog as your top 5!!! So touched! You my dear is why I still write! Love you for this and totally made me cry! Love your blog too!!! Xoxox

  2. Your post about Fly Through Our Window made me laugh! Thank heavens I am not the only one obsessed with Darby's seemingly perfect life complete with a set of cuter than cute kids! It's so creepy/pathetic that I feel like I know her family!

  3. Jen, how you make me blush!! I don't know you but I think I love you. Wait, that came out sorta creepy, sorry. Did things just get weird in here? =]

    What I'm trying to say is I am utterly honored that you included my blog amongst your favorites. Not only does that put me in such fabulous company (those bloggers are amazing & my faves too), reading why YOU think mine is worthy just warms my heart.

    You pretty much rock, as does your blog! THANK YOU!



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