Wednesday, November 11, 2009

itsy bitsy

i have some pregnant friends right now...angie {due in december, having a boy}, libby {due in january i think, having a girl}, cory {due in march, not finding out the gender} & mandy {is 11 or 12 weeks along & doesn't know if baby will be a tiny gentleman or lady}. so far it looks like sweet libby will be the one who could get some use out of these precious little booties for her baby. aren't they darling?

additionally dear friends of not leave me "you're pregnant" comments just because i love tiny baby know they are adorable.

shown above is the 'The Mon Cherie baby shoe/bootie/slipper' made by 'The Sugar Plum Tree' found {here} via {}


  1. Oh, these are super adorable! I just did a post on children's parties, and I'm not pregnant nor do I have kids either. Goodies for the kiddos are just so fun to see!

  2. When you said "MANDY" did you mean OUR "MANDY"???????? Call me if yes.

  3. Those are the cutest thing ever!! xoxo


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