Saturday, November 28, 2009

dirty & cold. we love weekend camp.

hey there friends. i don't usually make it a habit of blogging over the weekend but since this weekend is SO long i was going through withdraw without typing out thoughts & reading all of yours! so as promised i wanted to share some tiny snippets of our yl weekend camp experience! first of all, thank you so much for your prayers {to those of you who prayed}. i can't express enough how powerful prayer is & how vital it is in our ministry. we are so blessed to have you partner with us in that way.

secondly, it was a bomb-awesome weekend. like i mentioned, we took a smaller group from l.h.s. but it was perfect since ben & i were on our own for the weekend leader-wise. i was worried about how all these different girls from different grades & different "groups" would interact but they all had a great time. we played games that were rough, unifying and...DIRTY {see below}. they loved these, they left with busted lips and bruised hips and they loved every second of it. we sang songs at the top of our lungs, danced & twirled. they zip-lined & paintballed. and we laughed A LOT. most importantly though, the gospel was preached. it was difficult in an action-packed and short weekend to go deep in our conversations but i definitely feel like seeds were planted & i'm just praying that the lord will grow & cultivate that into something huge & faithful now that we are back home.

the day after we arrived back at home one of the precious little girls accepted Christ & asked him to be her Lord & Savior. gosh, what an awesome praise! i know that heaven is rejoicing & singing over this little one running toward her Father who loves her so lavishly!

here's the girls. we stayed in 'western town' & we rode a "cool bus" {instead of a school bus} everywhere we went.
i wish you could really tell how wet & muddy we were after the games...the pic doesn't do it justice. if you run a weekend camp & want to know the super fun games we played message me & i'll give you the run down. kids L-O-V-E-D it!
overall i'd say that it was a fantastic relationship building weekend. i will be in continual prayer that these girls will understand their need more & more & investigate their creator with ever increasing intensity. i pray that the Spirit will move in big ways - larger than i could ever imagine - His plans are so good!

{unrelated note alert}
i posted my 100th post this weekend! AH! i can't believe that i've rambled that much! thank you readers / friends / fam for following along with me via blog. i really adore your comments & thoughts. i love that i get to feel connected to people near & far, share ideas, get creative & get encouraged daily. ya'll are awesome.

YAY 100!
enjoy the rest of your weekend. tomorrow is 'decorate for christmas day' at the brzinski home! you can be sure i'll be posting some pics of holiday cheer.

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