Monday, January 11, 2010

that's amore monday

today for that's amore monday my dreams are coming true.  leanne from 'organize & decorate everything' presented {this tutorial} for covering clipboards & i am THRILLED!

you may remember my post {here} where i told you how desperately i desired for  everything to be organized & in its place in our new home.  well, from the moment i saw this martha stewart clipboard system i was committed to making one myself.  and then...this awesome gift just falls in my lap.  no, it's not 6 clipboards that are beautifully decorated {duh}'s this phatty tutorial!  i get to be crafty & i get to have my clipboard system with the security of an instructor {leanne} who knows what they are doing to guide me.

here are some other cutesy cute clipboards i happened upon from

.memo board clip board.

.art display clipboards.

lastly...this doesn't really fit in with my diy clipboard theme but pier 1 sent me this gift wrapping organization station AFTER christmas {i know...strange} & it was just so great i had to share it with ya'll. what a way to utilize a closet, right?

well friends, get to crafting & i hope to share with you my very own, homemade, clipboards hanging in the office / craft room very soon.  we just have to choose our accent color before i can really get started.  maybe you all can help me with this!

so far i know we are using {sweatshirt gray} paint on the walls with bright white trim & doors.  we have our glossy white desk, white chandelier & a gorgeous black & white lamp for the room.  so in sum we have black, white & gray thus far.  i don't want us to feel like we fell into a newspaper when we're working in there so i would love to have a fun & vibrant color to spice things up.  what would you suggest as our accent?  i have a few ideas but i don't want to taint your creativity.

decorating, crafts, organization, getting things done and diy's all in one...
that's amore monday!


  1. I LOVE this!! I am going to have to make some cute ones! I can't wait to see your house! XOXO

  2. the clipboard idea would be SO cute for a little kids room too!! (especially the ones on the shelf where you can display all their artwork!!)

  3. Jenna here, stopping in! what about a cheery Yellow? gray, white, and pops of yellow... but not mustard. It seems like the past two springs they have been using that color combination in fashion a lot and it's seeping down into interiors now. it could be really crisp and fresh.

  4. jenna again.

    also what about pulling out the blue from your dining room curtains? or the orange?

    this girl is loves color... i
    just found her blogspot with images of gray, and yellow! lots of other fun ideas too. check out the wall that's just of big artwork with blocks of color... could be an easy way to apply an accent wall without committing to a color through paint. it looks like that artwork could easily be diy too...

  5. Thanks for the shout out. The clipboards have worked great for my family. I love the art display one's on the ledge. What a great idea! Have fun making yours. They get addicting. I'm going to look around your blog a little more now. Have a beautiful day!

  6. Hi again Jenn,

    I mod podged on top of the paper too. Mostly because my kids were going to be using them and I wanted them to stay looking nice, plus it seals it on better too. Let it dry for about 24 hours before you put a coat on the top. I didn't cut the paper pefectly at first because I like to sand the edges. I just like the look of it better. It's really crisp and then it fits perfectly. Have Fun!


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