Monday, January 18, 2010

a pat on the back

last friday i shared a little taste of everything i hoped to accomplish over the weekend {here}.  when i looked back on it -post weekend- i was so proud about all the things that actually had come to fruition!  i even took the time to check them off in 'paint'.  i told you i love that {sense of accomplishment} that a checklist brings! this post is much more for my benefit than it is for you...sorry.

1.  we didn't end up painting @ mad potter but some girls did get to come over to the house & we had a blast laughing and carrying on.  i also got to have some awesome conversations with the bstudy girls before the lot of 'em came over & was so encouraged by what the Lord is doing in their life.
2.  our saturday morning mission got rescheduled to a saturday evening mission & cleaning is not my idea of a date night but it did get done. hallelujah!  now let the painting & decorating begin!  i have so many plans for this office / craft room.  i can't wait to implement some all one of  them. 
3.  on, on u of another victory.
4.  baby shower projects - bought supplies.  i'm considering that enough effort to give myself a check.  
5.  i didn't start one single furniture project.  mainly because i knew we were having campaigners at our house & that baby silas might be coming over.  he hates when i fill the house with stinky paint & primer & i just couldn't stand to be out in the garage painting in this cold.
6.  super mario bros = sore thumbs
7.  i got to go to the habitat restore & bought nothing, went to bed bath & beyond & bought nothing, went to the fabric store, saw lots of pretty things...and bought nothing.  FAIL.  but i did go {so check}.
9.  benny did some cleaning & i was a lazy bum :(  the bedroom & bathrooms didn't get touched.  sad.  BUT i did hang up our new PB shower curtain & i love it now that it is hung.  keepin' it!
10.  snuggled in bed until late in the day sunday and to waffle house...that's a good morning.
13. read 2 & 3 john & galatians.  the Word is such a blessing.

hope your weekends were filled with people & activities that you love.  now on to another week, another checklist & a lot of opportunities to live intentionally!

-with LOVE-

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  1. you were busy girl!!!

    dulce de leche tastes like caramel. it's delicious! =) i'll post some recipes this week, starting today.

    i buy my canning jars online at amazon. these are half pint jars. i bought several flats and got free shipping.


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