Friday, January 8, 2010

help your friend

there are lots of things that weneed want for the house.  one of those things is a giant {and i mean huge} frame for our kitchen i want to make a magnetic chalkboard to hang on the wall & i want to use a big ol' gorgeous frame to make it.  so...i'm enlisting the help of my friends {you} to assist me in finding a cheapity cheap one.  i looked at open-backed frames at hobby lobby & michael's & even with their specials they seemed really expensive for something that i wanted to paint over & turn into something else!  geesh.  the frame below was stolen from & was just added to my current kitchen via 'paint' {in case you couldn't tell} but i'm sure you get the idea. 

your mission:  a great deal or {even free} fancy frame that is at least 3.5' wide {but could be larger} & at least 2.5' tall {also could be more}. right now this frame could be disguising itself with chipping paint or an ugly finish. this culprit may also be using an alias such as "a painting" or "a mirror," but i know you can see past this to see the gorgeous kitchen chalkboard within.  it may be seeking refuge in a goodwill, habitat restore, craigslist or even on the side of the curb.  i need your eyes to help me!

thanks so much for your help & any leads would be MUCH appreciated!

now for a  few more {unrelated} thoughts for the day:
--we are headin' to nky for the weekend & am so thrilled about what that means:
      --visit with the in-laws
      --spend time with dear friends including the margrave's & the domec's 
      --a $8 haircut from my favorite hair school in ky
      --picking up a table we purchased long distance that is going to live in our den :)
      --ice skating outside in fountain square
      --other super fun possibilities intail --> skyline & maybe even flea marketing?  {maybe i will find my frame there!?
--ben & i have been watching the first season of heroes together.  its addicting.
--speaking of addicting shows...LOST comes back SO soon.  are you ready?
--i think ben may have bought that pb shower curtain i was telling you about...woot woot
--it is freeeeeeezing cold here in lexington.  it's the worst.  i hear its supposed to warm up someday but i'm not sure if i believe them.
--our dear friends ryder & libby had their precious baby girl this week {i hear} so excited for them
--i want to wear flip flops again
--everyone living up to their exercise 'resolutions' & then documenting their accomplishments in their blogs is starting to make me feel lazy.  i almost had the desire to do my 'hot body bootcamp' video but then i ate pop tarts instead.

do you have any thoughts to share?  i'd love to hear them, you know i would.


  1. keep checking your local goodwill and thrift shops. look at art that is framed that you could only use the frame. i'm sure you'll find something!1

    btw ... we have very similar taste! i just ordered that shower curtain from pb and LOVE it!

  2. Hey friend, just thinking what about an old window? You could hang it horizontally and if it came with lots of sections, panes I guess you could do some in chalk board some photo storage, you could even make a small upholstered section.... i think that may give you the size your looking for!!! Happy hunting!! I love home projects!

  3. don't worry jen, no walking for me yet! i did wii hula hoop, but that exists in the department of fun for me :)

    i laughed at your poptart choice. i think that is why we are friends. great minds think alike.

  4. Hey Jen, check out this project over at Shanty 2 Chic. Ron and I are going to try framing our large bathroom mirror this way, and I think it could work well (and cheap) for your chalkboard project. Happy Monday!

  5. so glad you were able to visit with us! we love you guys! hope to see you soon again.


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