Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 with ben & jen

happy new year friends!  this past year has been a blast for us.  

things that happened in 2009:
--lived out the majority of our 1st year of marriage followed up by our 1st year anniversary
--got to go to summer camp with lafayette for the first time & with hubs for the first time
--bought a house with benny
--started blogging
--went decorating crazy {in my head anyway...hopefully lived out soon}
--benny started back to school
--lots of my dear friends started their families making ben & i aunts & uncles
--my momma steph got baptized 
             went on a nashville adventure with benny
             my first time in chicago for christmas
             went to california with jules for work
--saw students at l.h.s. cross from death to life

i hope the next year is just as full.  

resolutions, in my book, are basically just waiting to be forgotten so instead i am going to run with some 'commitments' for 2010.  they are long-term commitments but making sure they are short-term will ensure that they stay fresh in my mind.  sarah who taught me about fabulous headers also suggested choosing a word or phrase instead of making a list.  i love that idea, a clear and concise focus laid out for the year.  i love lists so i did both.  each bullet is deeper than what it written but i kept it short for your sake.  i'm going to print this out and keep it before me often.  my one phrase is 'be intentional'.  i think that i pass up or miss out on many of the things i hope for in my life because i live unintentionally, just going through the motions & keeping busy.

i think it would be good for me to elaborate on these a little more over time, maybe one a week for the next ten weeks or something similar.  i want to dig deeper into it myself & share enough with you all to create some accountability too.   

hope you had a fantastic evening last night, we sure did.  we rung in the new year with dear friends, fun games & lots of diet coke - you know i took some pics to share.  until next time...

i hope to laugh. play. love. live. eat. sing. pray. dance. praise. hug. visit. clean. drive. twirl. craft. work. speak. care. & read. INTENTIONALLY.


  1. happy new year! yay! i love the idea of being intentional. i agree that we miss out on some great things because we live our lives unintentionally.

  2. AWESOME post, Jen! There's some serious power in the written word and for putting your commitments out there for all to see. It appears you and I once again have much in goals this time. :) I hope and pray that God knocks your socks off with all that you can accomplish in 2010! Running my first marathon in 2009 was a massive goal of mine!

    BTW, thanks so much for the link. I have visited that blog but not that specific post. Now, I'm dying to buy a junker piece of furniture to silver leaf! See what happens when you give me ideas!!!

  3. So I have been MIA from blogging for a little bit and I come back and you have 3 new posts for me! I like them all. And I really like your list. It is inspiring me to do something similar. I am excited for you to expand on it.

    And I had lots of fun hanging out with you New Years Eve! Hopefully we can hang out again soon - I really want to see your freshly painted house :)


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