Tuesday, January 19, 2010

how much fun can one girl have? this much...

about two weeks ago we got a lot of this...

sparkly, beautiful, freezing cold snow.

.so i thought that it was only appropriate to lace up some of these.

ice skates, not my finger...duh.

& put on lost of these...

super warm cozy clothes.  leggings, scarves, hats, gloves, ear warmers, wool socks...you name it....we wore it. {ben & i were BOTH wearing a pair of his mom's leggings...perfect.}

.and bring a couple of these.

my crazy brother-in-law chris & his sweetie, morgan.

& go here...

ice skating in fountain square in downtown cincinnati.

it was such a blast.  basically we were all terrible.  i was by far the slowest in the rink.  chris was the wildest.  he was trying to do tricks far beyond his skill level which resulted in many trips on his rear.  very brave.  morgan was the most steady.  and benny was the most cute.  he ran into the walls because he couldn't figure out how to turn. awww.

now the snow has melted & the temperatures have risen but i still would like to go back!



  1. All of these pics of Ben CRACK me up!!!

  2. this is just too precious. i'm super jealous. miss you lots jen jen.

  3. I think your hair looks really pretty in these pictures.

  4. I just realized that comment sounds kind of creepy, I don't mean it in a creepy way!

  5. ice skating at fountain square is SOO much fun!! I'll meet ya there next time! your pictures are so cute! looks like you all had a blast!

  6. I heart ice skating so much and my husband always forgets that it's my favorite date. Therefore I've only been on one ice skating date ever. :(

    But you guys looked like you had soooo much fun!!!

  7. This looks like tons of fun :) I hope that I get to see you soon.

  8. that looks like SO MUCH FUN! i haven't been ice skating in over 10 years... and never outside...


  9. great photos and looks like so much fun!!


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