Saturday, January 23, 2010


things i need off craigslist:

a daybed frame who's headboard & footboard is the same height so i can set it up like a couch.  i want something that feels like this...but i know i want to pay about $40 so i'd settle for something FAR less gorgeous, paint it & cover it in pillows.

Young house love-  Sunroom contemporary porch
Blue Room traditional bedroom

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ben wants bookshelves for the office.  we don't have any room in the office for bookshelves but we DO have a lot of books so we need to figure something out.  someday i want two huge bookshelves in our bedroom on either side of our windows and then make a window seat between the two.  i think that is a custom job...not to be found on craigslist.

huge mirror / frame for pennies that i can convert into my kitchen chalkboard discussed {here}

chairs.  lots of chairs. 
          i would like a small dainty chair, something vintage-ish looking for a lonely corner of the guest room. maybe something that could be recovered or reupholstered by a novice is what i am looking for.  i know it would be awesome to get exactly what i'm looking for "as is" off craiglist but i'll try and have a more open mind than that. 

          i would like a big ol' comfy yet pretty chair for our master bedroom. this chair would most likely not have a home if i ever did get my bookshelves/window seat dream. maybe something simple like this lands' end country luxe upholstered wingback chair would suffice with a sweet little ottoman to live under your feet.  anyone trying to give one away on the list? 

or if i start really dreaming one of these....

{phobe howard}
          i would like a chair for our desk in our office. i showed you the desk {here}. i really like the idea of having a really gorgeous chair like the one pictured below placed underneath the desk but i think...

we will probably end up with something more like this:

{but in black}
we already found one at gordman's that wasn't too expensive & with a little pillow on would be cute enough for me.

        i would also take a bench or two 
        & patio furniture for our deck.

on to the next...

we also are in need of a dresser for our master bedroom & for a nightstand for benny.

i know you all are looking on craigslist often...please keep an eye out for us.  OR even better...if you have one of these little gems that you are looking to get out of your home i'd be happy to take it off your hands.

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  1. I am drooling over that blue bed/couch!! I love that look! XOXO


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