Monday, January 25, 2010

that's amore monday

today, that's amore monday is coming a little later than i'd like.  it is also a little hurried because benny boy is being really insistent on using the computer...pushy pushy pushy little student.  today i honor my new love day wreath.  ben doesn't like valentine's day; he says everyday should be valentine's day & while i agree with that sentiment i really really really love all the heart-covered love-filled goodies that come along with the holiday.  SO i made a little something to make our home more LOVE-ly.  my homemade wreath is very "homemade" looking but i love it nonetheless.  

i didn't realize that these pics were a little blurry until i uploaded them & now i don't have enough time to take new ones {ie pushy student}.  squint your eyes and wiggle your head a lil & it will look juuuust right.

i had everything lying around the house so i didn't have to spend a penny.

our entryway is full-o-love.  i bought this red & cream rug at target during the post-christmas decor sales.  it was 75% off of $7.99 i think.  it is the perfect love day rug.  and cheap to boot.  for the wreath i used a grapevine wreath that was given to me from momma steph from michael's & was originally purposed as a fall wreath.  the hearts were just two different types of scrap cardstock & i used 3 different types of ribbon {two super skinny & 1 fat one for the hanging bow}.

i wanted it to look like some kind of 'love nest' themed wreath & i think that was accomplished.  the grapevine alone is nest-y & wrapping the skinny ribbon around multiple times makes it all the more nest-y-er in my book.  yes?

hope you all are feeling all lovey-dovey too.  there may be some heart garland in the works too for a couple doorways.  my husband may hate me.  HEART!


  1. Your wreath is adorable! Great idea!

  2. So cute! Put me in the Vday spirit!

  3. Very crafty and thrifty you little Vday cupid! XOXOXOXO

  4. Awww...this is SUPER adorable and sweet!! What a fun idea, Jen! Last night I stayed up late and cut out a paper heart and wrote a little love note for the hubs and snuck out to his car and taped it to the steering wheel to surprise him. So, I agree your Benny...everyday should be Valentine's Day!


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