Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.fixin' to fix it.

goodie goodie gumdrop do we have some treats for i've been telling you all...we have been oh so very busy lately.  now time to show you a glimpse of what we've been up to.

let's start here...

a nasty brass chandelier

.plus this.
a glossy bright white indoor / outdoor spray paint

.and a sprinkle of this.
time drying outside in a box

.equals this.
a fancy pants pottery barn-esque chandelier {at least i like to think so} hanging in your office

this whole project took about 15 minutes of spraying / drying time + hanging time {which benny did without me so i'm not sure how long}.  this cost about $2.50 for the whole project.  my bestie, {rachel} gave me the brass chandelier after she bought FIVE, yes five of them at the {habitat restore}.  my sweet friend let me have it for free & i just purchased the spray paint to spruce it up!

{here} is a PB kids chandelier that costs $129 & looks almost identical. $129.  does that not blow your mind!?  spend $2.50 & get a $129 deal!

.on to the next.
we got this desk off {craigslist} a few months ago and just now got around to taking care of it!  i didn't get a true 'before' shot.  in this one i had already removed the old hardware & puttied some holes in the top.

benny & i getting it done.  i was getting primer in my hair.  it's still there.  treat.  

i got covered in oil based primer {that doesn't easily come off}...

and ben folded some laundry angrily as i wouldn't let him take over my project.

.this is one or two coats of white paint in.
we used acrylic paint because that's mr. lowes worker suggested in the brightest shade of white we could find.  i'll let you know how it wears over time but it went on pretty smoothly.

here it is!  all done. two or three coats of paint later & 2 layers of wipe on polyurethane later and we have ourselves a perfect little desk for the office. {don't mind all the junk in the background...i saw it there and was just too lazy to move it for the pic....i'm sorry everyone for being the worst stager / photographer ever}.

add some little glass knobs and now i'm really thrilled!  they were half off at {hobby lobby}.  when is junk not half off at hob lob?  i'm pretty sure it never ceases to be 'on sale'

here's two fun updates in one.

first let's note...lights off...

now...let there be light...ta dah!  
they work!  momma steph called in a favor and the sweetest, nicest electrician came & straightened out our crazy wires.  now that we celebrated out lets celebrate our light fixture.  we got this oil-rubbed bronze chandelier for christmas from the ford family.  i love it. 

do you spy something else back there?  you're right...those are new curtains.  thank you for noticing.  ben first said that he liked him & then later told me that they looked retro / 70's which i don't think was a complement.  either way i love them.  i love the colors that are in there & they really spice up the sea of khaki we're currently swimming in.  

here's a close up for ya!  i bought these on my first & only trip to world market in the great state of south carolina.  you can check out their window treatments {here} but their selection is way better in the store.  i hung these little beauties on a steal-of-a-deal of a curtain rod bought at hancock fabrics during a 75% off sale.  originally i thought i was going to paint it white & match it with the {now} office chandelier but instead it has been covered perfectly in dark brown.  i spray painted it with a rustoleum brand paint that was meant for all kinds of materials, including dum dum dee dum metal curtain rods!

next project?  tear out these nasty, fake, built in shelves in the office & paint the room 'sweatshirt gray' with crisp white trim.

we really are gettin' to fixin' & we really are fixin' to fix some more!
.come over & see it.


  1. everything looks great! You are a crafty little lady!

  2. Love how your desk turned out and the curtains are great!

  3. everything looks wonderful!! love the chandelier, desk and the curtains!!!!

  4. i want to come over tomorrow!!! :) or as soon as possible...maybe if we are snowed in friday. i like you. i love those curtins a lot and all your crafts!

  5. i LOVE your curtains! nice work ... ya'll have been very busy!

  6. everything is looking amazing. I can't wait to see it :)

  7. Echo everyone else's comments - it all looks so good! I especially love the curtains. Can't wait to come see it :)

  8. Everything looks great! Love that chandelier, and yes, it does look Pottery Barn!

    Love that cute little desk!

    Can't wait to see the room sweatshirt grey! :)

  9. Wow -that's just a sea of great makeovers! Love the white chandelier, the desk looks wonderful (perfect knobs), and those curtains are freaking fantastic.

  10. I wandered on over from Holly's Fresh Coat Friday! Great makeovers. I totally hear you on the hard to remove primer. It takes forever to get that stuff off and forget about getting it out of your hair.

  11. I LOVE the light fixture! I am now on the hunt for one just like it because you are sooo right, it looks straight from Pottery Barn! I have been hearing a lot about this Hobby Lobby and their great knob selection but sadly we don't have one here in Canada... but I am so glad you scored those knobs! They make the desk.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next, and thanks so much for sharing on our first Fresh Coat Friday!!


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