Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my little student

this is my handsome benny as a lil baby on his first day of school.  i wanted to post this back in the fall when his semester started but i couldn't find it.  i almost cried because i thought it was gone forever & i just love that little face so much.  but as one might wasn't gone forever!  it was just under a big pile of junk {like everything else i'm missing}.  monday was benny's first day back for spring semester - and he looked just as adorable as he did 20 years ago.


i'm so proud of you for being such a diligent student & for working so hard toward your goals.  i know that you are going to be an excellent teacher & a blessing to many kids & families.  i am so thankful for you & am continually encouraged by your determination.

i love you {and your baby pictures} dearly-
jen jen


  1. What a great picture! He's adorable. Look forward to learning more about you!

  2. oh my gosh! so precious! i love this :)

  3. Jen! That picture is adorable :)

  4. This picture is adorable, Jen! What a sweet way to encourage your hubby!


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