Thursday, January 28, 2010

pottery barn is after me.

once upon a time i had this brilliant idea that it would be "fun" to have pottery barn send me emails.  you would think that being handed a bunch of goregous ideas & being alerted to sales would be a gift that would make one smile.  well, if you're kinda broke & wouldn't spend what they are asking at PB even if you had the dollars, you would not smile.  you just covet.

well this week PB sent me this: "design dilemma? ways to decorate your wall and save."  of course, {against my better judgement} i clicked the link and cyber-ported in to the land of expensive & beautiful trinkety junk.

turns out the "wall storage" section is my weakness.

look at this darling {linen pinboard}
used in your office as an inspiration board

or in your living room to create a cozy, home-y, personal feeling.
{please excuse the christmas themed decor}

my next love?  this {cubby organizer}.

you may remember {this post} where i shared my love for vintage card catalogs.  with these little cubbies, distressed sides and little numbered tags it gives off a very similar vibe i think.  benny, will you make me one please?  do i know where it would even go yet?  no.  but i could find a place.  promise.

how about these precious little {jewelry display frames}?  real real cute.  i love the collection of them too!

i am a terrible organizer.  ask anyone.  but i love for things to be organized.  sometimes i think...if i just had that adorable organizational tool i would be much more obliged to be an organiz-er.  here is something worthy of that title - a {rustic wall organizer}.  i love the stamped detail and the extra little elements that are thrown in there.  i think i may want one of these over the dresser in the guestroom instead of a traditional mirror option.  the pretty pretty chandelier in the corner doesn't do anything to wane my coveting either. thanks a lot.

this next gem isn't from the wall storage section.  it is just art. art that i love.  its just typewriter letters.  its perfect. {typewriter keys}

but would you like to know a little secret friends?  something truly great?  i'm about 99% sure that each of these pieces could be recreated for just a few bucks.  i have already made plans {in my mind} to make the typerwriter art for the office, an edited version of the jewelry display frames for the master bedroom & the linen pinboard {with fancier frame} for the office & guest bedroom too. 

don't hold your breath but i really do think that it will happen - i already have some of my supplies collected.  it may just take a while.  so many projects, so little time right?  never fear, i will keep you updated on any pb knock-off progress occuring at the brzinski household!  please let me know if you have {or are about to} take on any 'get the look for less' projects too!  i love the encouragement other do-it-yourself-ers bring.

lots of <3 & pretty things-


  1. I love PB! I also love Z Gallery, just as cute and a little cheaper!

  2. I ♥ Pottery Barn too! I have a ♥/hate relationship with their emails & catalogs {which reminds me, I haven't gotten a new catalog in awhile?}. And my brain also goes into re-creation mode. :)

  3. Excited to see your DIY reproductions -make sure you blog about them :)Love all the photo inspirations too, well, except maybe for the little cubbie thing. . .my mind just goes to how long it would take to dust! The jewelry frame thing for the earrings is adorable!

  4. I love the typewriter key art - I hope you figure out how to make it and post it so I can try too!

  5. you could totally make these! the linen board wouldn't be hard, and i've had this on reserve for a while....

    yay for recreating expensive things!

  6. I have the same problem with pottery barn and jcrew. JCrew sale emails in my inbox every couple days are a cruel, cruel joke.


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