Friday, January 15, 2010

.a head full of nothing.

i feel like my head is so full of plans & ideas & schedules & yet...i can't collect a single coherent thought.  what a terrible situation.  i guess in my normal, unprofessional fashion i will just spew all kinds of useless life information at you to keep you updated.

--well this week i did not "wake up feelin' like p diddy," unless p diddy has an upper respiratory infection.  in that case maybe our lives ARE very similar.  i've been kind of a miserable monster for the last 4 days & i cannot wait to shake this nasty thing.  z-pack attack!

--we got a new console table for our den last week & my sweet husband set up the whole room the way we had envisioned it: he drilled holes, rewired cables, & moved furniture & what do you know?  we hated it.  so we moved everything back to exactly the same position. hmm.  fail.  the table does look very nice though & the room is starting to feel a little more "full".

--i've been so sick that i didn't get to share all the fun i had LAST weekend with you, blogland!  i'm sure you've been waiting with bated breath...{do you detect the sarcasm?}  don't worry...i hate to leave you hanging.  i'll be sure to do a lil last weekend review over this weekend.

--i have many other hopes for this weekend as well {if my health permits}. i hope it includes:
1. hanging out with l.h.s. girlies tonight...i think we may be going to mad potter to paint :)
2. cleaning the ENTIRE office with benny. it's finally going to get done.  we're determined.  it's our saturday morning mission.  fyi - my handy-man husband already took out those sick built-in shelves that weren't actually built in.  we're off to a good start.
3.  UK game what what!?  17 - 0.  friends welcome.
4.  baby shower projects; they are a surprise {duh}  i can't tell you.  maybe later.
5.  refinish some furniture.  i don't know which project i will start next?  i have a dresser & nightstand for the guest room that really needs some help & sewing desk that i want to skirt for the office...hmm decisions decisions
6.  we got a wii {sort of for free} so i hope to play with my hubs & / or pals
7. please let me go to at least one of the following: fabric store, antique store, hob lob, SA, GW or the restore.
8. go to l.h.s. bball game v. our alma mater
9. clean the rest of the house until it feels like we actually live in all the rooms & don't use them for cluttered storage.
10.  sleep in & then make breakfast for mr. b
11. blog & maybe create a new love-day inspired header {def. on the list just not sure when i'll have the time}
12. see mi familia
13. read

--project runway premiered last night.  so excited.  and LOST isn't far behind.  oh geesh.

--i ordered fabric after coveting hannah maple's curtains to make my own.  thanks so much for your help.

--my skin is super dry & i hate putting on lotion.  dilemma.

--we got our PB shower curtain in the mail yesterday.  it was much more sheer {& girly) than i expected.  i'm going to iron it, hang it & see what i think.

--the song "pants on the ground" made my week better

thanks for listening to my nonsense.  i hope you each have a wonderful weekend filled with fun & people you love.  you can share your nonsense here too.  it's a safe place.


  1. don't forget to add old navy shopping to your list :)

  2. Gold in your mouth, hat turned south.... lookin like a fool w/ ya pants on the ground... DAD


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