Tuesday, January 5, 2010


10 pet peeves
for brit...and you.

brit from 'dave & brit plus one'  started a new weekly post called "tuesday's ten" & since i love lists, & complaining apparently, i wanted to jump on the pet peeve list wagon.  hope you enjoy.  feel free to share your top annoyances as well, i won't judge you.

1.  hearing people eat.  i can't stand it when people chew with their mouths open, smack their lips or chomp loud enough that i can hear you.

2.  waiting in lines.  i know that makes me sound like a super bratty diva but i mean it.  i try & have a good attitude but i am impatient & i just hate it.  i don't like being crowded in, cut in front of & i always pick the slowest line even if it appeared to originally be the shortest.  christmas at fayette mall = my nightmare.

3.  having to talk with very rude people at work.  i am sorry that i cannot accomadate every need that you have here at our office.  when i sweetly tell you that we don't even do that kind of service i don't need to hear a 20 minute speech about why that is inconvenient for you.  we still won't do it.

4.  smoking.  i might be on my way to offending someone right now but it's my list so i'll write what i want {i'm being a snot anyway}.  i dispise the smell of cigarette smoke & it gives me and instant headache.  lexington has a ban now where you can't smoke inside which i LOVE but this doesn't really help me when it comes to travel or if i ever have to leave where i am.  i hate walking through someone else's giant cloud of stinky smoke to get in or out of a building leaving my hair and clothes wreaking for the rest of the day.  it's not good for you.  or me.  stop it.

5.  when store employees won't help you.  it makes me never want to visit a store again when i have to search & search for someone to help me & then once i finally track them down they give me an attitude about having to do their job.  once at home depot i wanted to buy a hanging basket for my mom.  i couldn't reach it to get it down off the rack so i asked three sales people, three to help me get it down and they all just said they were already busy with someone else or ignored me.  peeve.

6.  pranks.  i know, i know, just call me a stick in the mud.   i just don't really like them.  i don't like to start them because then you have to live in constant fear of retailiation & i don't like to be on the other side of them because someone always takes it too far.  i don't really think they are that funny either.  well wait wait wait....there are a couple pranks that i think are super funny {and harmless} but that's a short list.  i can't tell them to you because then i wouldn't be able to prank you with them.

7.  being patted.  not petted, i love to be pet, but i loathe being patted.  i don't know why but it fills me with rage.  i am pretty comfortable with hugs & loves & being kind of touchy {if i know you} but even a pat from the closest of friends will make me frown.

8.  everything trashy.  trashy clothes that people wear, trashy shows on tv, people doing trashy things & saying trashy lines.  i dislike it all & i can't hardly stand watching many of the shows anymore because its all trash.  'if you've got it, flaunt it' is probably one of the most icky phrases ever invented, don't use it & don't live by it.  be classy, wear clothes, keep your goods to yourself.  we're not interested.

9.  repeating myself.  not if you're hard of hearing but because you just aren't listening...do you hear #9 husband?  if you ask me to repeat myself {after ignoring me} while patting me i might just explode. 

i only want to do 10 items so i'm going to put two unrelated items in one number...i'm so tricky.  i also hate hurting myself.  dropping things on my toes & running into sharp corners on tables can just about ruin my day.

10.  oprah.

update:  1  peeve i forgot & should add sneakily into #9 {making it 3 unrelated peeves under 1 item} is that i dislike being called jenny.  i don't know why but i just don't like it.  i know people named jenny, i love people named jenny, i led with a girl named jenny & one of my favorite blogs is written by a jenny...but for me - no thanks, it's not me.  sorry.  list of preferred names: jen, jennifer, princess {just kidding...sort of} & jenna.


  1. i love this. i saw brit's and am totally doing one later tonight.

    also i laughed out loud (at work) when i read oprah. and i never knew but next time i see you don't you worry...i'll pat you :)


  2. I don't like Oprah either or smoking! Dave smoked when I met him and I would NOT date him unless he quit! His mother was glad I came along!!!

  3. I couldn't agree more with 4 and 6! I really think that smoking is one of the nastiest habits in the world and I can't help but immediately dislike anyone who smokes. It's so disgusting. Yuck, yuck, yuck. And I definitely have no sense of humor when it comes to pranks. I think they are childish and lame.

  4. # 1 and 10 are definitely on my list too!!!! no need to say anymore about either... I loathe food chompers and oprah. yuck!

  5. #1!! I sat by this guy at work today and he was eating chicken salad and tomatoes! Oh my ... disgusting sounds. I was not aware that you could make that much noise eating those foods. The smacking was so bad that I almost got up to leave.

    #5 as well. Customer service is your job ... that's what I always think in my head. But, I also hate it when employees are overly zealous and won't leave you again.

  6. This is hilarious, Jen! No surprise there! Okay, so I'll join in for kicks. Here are a few of my pet peeves...
    1. Pinching...I detest when people pinch me. There is no fun in pinching whatsoever, and it seriously makes me upset on the spot (and I'm pretty laid back).
    2. Hearing people clip their nails/toe nails. Sorry, that's just a gross sound. Do it behind closed doors, folks.
    3.Trashy stuff - yep, I agree with your #8 wholeheartedly 100%.
    4. Sarcasm - It's okay when it's playful and lighthearted, but when it's demeaning and rude, I have zero tolerance for it.
    5. Family Guy the t.v. show - refer to #3. I think I have finally broke my husband of that habit. I hope!

    Wow, that felt a little liberating. Happy Wednesday, Jen!!

  7. Haha, really funny list! I am with you on the waiting in lines and smoking for sure!

    I like the new blog header! So cute.

  8. Love this list! Being called Jenny is my number one biggest pet peeve ever.
    And, I think of all the foods, hearing people eat an apple is the.absolute.worst. It makes me shudder just thinking about it!


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