Sunday, January 3, 2010

blogs = my espn escape

this has been one fantastic weekend.  my two favorite reasons being that i got to spend LOTS of time with people i love & i got to sleep in everyday.  what a treat.  

in the past year it has seemed that ben & i hadn't been able to sleep past 8:30 on the weekend {even if we wanted to}, yet this weekend, something happened.  we can sleep until 10, 10:30 or even 11.  i know it's not good to sleep more than you need but it felt so good to feel so well rested.

benny has been a master painter over this past week.  he painted our den, dining room, entryway & hallway.  we chose the ralph lauren color 'toast' in a behr satin finish paint.  since our house isn't really put together i don't really have any "after" pictures but here are some during.
den after it was cut-in

 dining room after the cut in.  notice our new chandelier. sadly, it is half up & isn't currently working.  we have to have an electrition come and take a look at our wiring.  boo.  also notice our dining room table which looks like a flea market.  it's been cleared off a little since the pic was taken but still doesn't look fab.  don't worry, i'll fix it up soon and show it off. 

here's my handsome beau painting.  yes, he is wearing a bright yellow cap inside & yes our heat is on.  he used to paint houses for a living & i think he likes to pretend that he's working on new construction homes sometimes.  our paint looks greenish here but really it looks alot more like medium colored khaki's.

 we ben ALSO painted our back door, but we both taped off the window panes which most certainly was a pain.  the previous home owners had put in a brand new door for us but didn't take the time to paint it so it had been a light gray metal color...until now!  ben was frustrated because he wasn't flexible enough to reach the bottom ones.  don't worry friends he just thinks he's being funny, he's not really mad.

 now onto our new year's eve recap...

a few more projects also got accomplished this weekend.  i made a "B" wreath from cheap scraps left over from christmas & a precious yet stained anthro "B" inspired by {this tutorial}.  aparently lindsay's wreath is far better because my husband & mom both think mine looks  like a rectangle.  maybe i'll try & make the curves curvy-er?

i might as well keep going at this point... we spray painted a super sale find of a curtain rod dark brown & it is now ready to be hung in the dining room!  i'm so excited to finally get my curtains up in there.  we are also in the final stages of repainting / polyurathaning a desk for the office.  i think it's going to be perfect.  next on my list after hanging our cutains & completing the desk is to hang our diy pretty white chandelier in the office.  don't fret...i'll be back with a million more pics for your viewing pleasure.

until tomorrow i'm going to be a lazy little crafter get somethings completed & drink up some warm yummy hot chocolate. 


  1. The aint ooks really great! I'm sure that taping off that door was a nightmare!

  2. Girl, you are SO creative! Love the pictures {did I spot a little birdie in there? hahahahaha} My hubs used to build houses and he gets into total gear for the smallest job. Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  3. your wreath looks great jen! and we love apples to apples! =)

  4. What a fun wreath, creative people make me happy.

    Following :-)


  5. Jen,
    I love the B. I am definitely going to make those next year. I am excited to see you on Thursday as well :) I am also excited to see your newly painted house. Invite me over!!

  6. everyone loves the rectangle {ahem} i mean B wreath!! woo hoo! thanks for the encouragement, you know how i'm so bad at crafts!

  7. 1. i love the b wreath.
    2. that pic of you and benny b is soooo adorable.
    3. i miss you.


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