Wednesday, January 27, 2010


sometimes there are all kinds of things going on
but i still have nothing to say.
sometimes there are 1 million things that i'm excited about, encouraged by, working on, pondering & still i've got nothing to say. 
sometimes there are a bundle of questions, concerns & thoughts and still...
i've got nothing to say.
sometimes my mind is completely blank & not surprisingly...i have nothing to say
today is one of those days...& lately i've had a lot of those days.
maybe it's a season; maybe it's a phase.
maybe i'm getting anti-social in my old age.

i'm so used to being frantically busy that i don't quite know how to deal with 'free time' any more. 
i know that i should be filling that time with my long list of goodies i have been hoping to do,
sometimes i get frustrated that more doesn't get 'accomplished' 
but sometimes in my 'free time' i don't much care.
maybe it's a season; maybe it's a phase.
maybe i'm becoming a lazy bum in my old age.

sometimes i hope it passes & sometimes i hope to get back-
i'm normally a chatter box who can barely shut her yap
i love a life filled with conversation, with deep talks & deep friends
i like to feel interested in people, i like to share life, i love to dig in
i enjoy getting things done, not being lazy, reading books & cooking up projects.
sometimes i just feel a little off.
maybe it's a season; maybe it's a phase.
maybe tomorrow i will feel like myself in my old age.

{completely unrelated}
we're going ice skating tonight with l.h.s. young life for our 1st event of the season.  please pray that some friends will join us and that relationships with be built.  please pray that all of the above is not the case tonight...that i can speak grace & truth into the lives of girls, show the joy i have in Christ & not the tired, lame self that i feel like today.  i appreciate your prayers for students & their hearts more than you know.


  1. I think it's the weather. I get crazy and not myself sometimes in the winter. boo.

  2. i think it's funny that you're saying 'old age' considering YOU'RE NOT OLD AT ALL YOU CRAZY GIRL! but holly has a very good point. the winter has a way of sucking the life out of everyone. have fun ice skating! and call me sometime so we can catch up since you apparently have so much free time (:

  3. it's jenna c. don't worry, you'll come out of the funk! i think it's like holly said... the weather makes me that way too.

  4. Hey, girl, I was praying last night as I was working out (always multi-tasking), and this post came to mind, so I said a little prayer for you. I hope you had a great night with the students!

  5. Did you write that little ditty yourself? I'm impressed and I can totally relate, there's a name for it for pete's sake, Seasonal Affect Disorder, and I know I have it! Lack of sun and bitter cold kinda makes ya a little off.

    Kentucky lost on Monday?? Weren't they number 1? Maybe our teams will be meeting on the way to the final four :)


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