Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i'm a winner not a wiener!

i won something! and it is so fantastic that i choose to share it sweet sweet christi from {grey umbrella} had a giveaway...i entered & WON! her blog is fantastic & you should really check her out. she is quickly becoming a daily read for me.

so here are my winnings...

benny said "jen jen, you got a package in the mail today." i knew instantly what it was, i squealled & ran down the hall to open it up. here it is wrapped with care.

complete with a little love note. enjoy? don't mind if i do!

christi raided the michael's bin and shared her findings with me! i'm so lucky! i had already bought a couple packs of these notecards because i am obsessed with the pattern and for a dollar who can pass that up? and as i shared {here}...i love a love note. i was SO thrilled to add these to my collection. in addition to a pack of notecards {with envelopes} i also recieved a small spiral notebook, a lined list notepad & a weekly organizer...which i plan to use like crazy. i am pretty ridiculous about making lists & i love to plan out my busy week - christi loves me. something great about this specific weekly pad is that it isn't dated so it's not like a calendar but like a to-do list perfectly broken down!
i ALSO won this WONDERFUL, super cute, GIRLY, precious, HOMEMADE apron! woot woot! it makes me want to cook just so i can wear it!

christi- thanks again! i love it all!

everyone else- don't be jealous! & hope you are having a fantastic day!

love, jen


  1. you are so cute in that apron and so sweet with your comments! i am so glad you love the little package! thanks for showing and telling! =)

  2. You're really rockin' that apron! SO fun and so, so cute!! I may have to go to Michael's this week and see what I can dig up. Happy Wednesday, Jen!

  3. oh man jen jen, you're stinkin' cute! <3 you lots!


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