Friday, December 18, 2009

where has jen been?

where have i been?  the short story...everywhere!  i have been running around like a crazy person for the past week & that has left me very little time for my dear sweet blogland.  i apologize for my neglect.  i have been working {the usual}, still trying to get up to the high school & hang out with the little girls, attending lots of christmas parties, shopping, wrapping, crafting, decorating, cleaning {and then immediately messy-ing everything i just cleaned} & the list goes on & on.  i feel like my mind is going about a mile a minute these days - i hope that will all change very soon.

christmas is in exactly 1 week & i am so excited for all that means!  the list is longer than i have the time to blog about but does include:

1.  time spent with my wonderful family & friends
2.  days off work {woo hoo}
3.  eating good food & special treats that only come around once a year {my waistband isn't excited but i am}
4.  an adventure to the windy city of chicago for my first christmas away from home
5.  a snuggle-fest with my husband & as much time in pajama's & slipper boots as i can stand
6.  snow {i can dream right?}
7.  resting & recharging & spending much needed quality time with the Lord
8.  giving gifts! 
9.  christmas music {i'm still not sick of it, keep it coming}, christmas decorations at all the homes we visit & lights that twinkle as we drive by.
10.  the celebration of the most monumental birth day of anyone who has ever walked this earth.  what a gracious Father we have that he would send us a desparately needed, completely undeserved Savior.

all my love little bloggers-


  1. Merry Christmas Jen!! Sounds like you have a lot of fun things planned for your Holiday!

  2. i like this and i love your new blog design!!!

  3. I really hope that I get to see you over the break!


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