Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas at the brzinski's

welcome to our home. like i said...we don't have all of the prettiest decorations going in our home right now but i am satisfied with the amount of festive-ness that is laced throughout our abode {at least for our first year here}. i'm planning on hitting up some post-christmas home decor sales. i'll get the deals & then next year it can look like the north pole exploded all over our house! i know ben is really getting excited about these ideas!

epsom salt, mason jars & small candles. what a lovely, glowing centerpiece. it really is one of my new favorite decorations - but it's not even that christmas-y...i'm going to keep it up all winter!

this is my mini christmas tree in our walk way. everyone thinks its our only tree & then judges us. people- everyone has mini trees. stop hatin'. this little guy was from our previous rental home and was all that we could fit in the living room. this dinky little thing even seemed to 'fill up the space'. must not have been a very large space huh? i wanted to add some wrapped {fake} presents under it. i bundled a fabric scrap underneath for a skirt. it may look janky but it love it any way. and this lil guy gives me a place to display all my teeny tiny ornaments that would get lost on our larger tree.
and here my friends is the biggin'. it is fake, prelit, 7.5 feet & i adore it. there weren't any presents underneath it when i took the pick but now there are many {well some} and it makes it all the more great {to me}. i wish that you couldn't see the wires in the pic but you all can imagine it perfect right? i have imaginative blogger friends...i know it. the tree is mostly decorated with red, gold & green ball ornaments, some matte, some shiny & some glittering from walmart - 50 for $15. that is right up my alley! there are a few with sentimental value & they are added as well. i bought a tree skirt from target, you can find it {here}. online it actually shows that it is $5.00 cheaper than when i bought it...steal!
i bought a bundle of sparkly, green, beaded, glittery balls last year from gordman's. they were probably about $2 for the mess of them. i bought them to fill a vase that i have out year round but they did not end up fitting very nicely there so i used them elsewhere. this year i put a heap of them on a gold charger as a centerpiece in our dining room & then tied tiny red bows to sprinkle on top.
i also added some to christmas-up my fall centerpiece in the kitchen. i think that it was successful.
we're missing a mantle in our home & it never makes me as sad as it does at christmas. stockings don't belong on your tv stand but that's right where ours at living. it's the sad truth. i hate that in an effort to show you our stockings i'm also showing you our messy dvd basket, the tv & the cable box. lame.

the stockings are from pottery barn & we bought them last year. i got ben the green one because he really likes green but it turned out to be the girly-er of the two stockings. dangit. i still love them anyway. so does kari corsi so kiss it! santa fills them up just the same. the stocking holders are from target last year. they aren't my favorite thing, the were just a necessity. one plus of them though is that they are just about the heaviest thing in existence so they won't send your stockings toppling. maybe in my post-christmas ventures i can find some new monogrammed ones or something more like 'us'.

this is a little christmas in a corner. the candles are always there but you know how i love bows & you can't go wrong with a santa hat right?

don't mind the millions of shadows.

someday i hope to hang garland around our door frames, christmafy our wall art {which currently isn't hanging on the wall}, hang a wreath that doesn't break, hang outdoor lights & try my hand at some form of homemade garland but until then i'll just smile at our home thus far & be thankful for to have a roof over our heads & wonderful people to celebrate with.

& to finish is a pic of our first dusting of real snow. this happened a few weeks ago but still thought you'd like to see!
...i'm dreaming of a white christmas...


  1. your decorations girl! So Pretty! Thank you SO much for your sweet comment! It totally made my day! Hope your having a great week! XOXO

  2. Awe, Jen, your decorations are adorable! I love the green glittery balls with the pine cones, and those stockings are super cool. I made ours about 6 years ago, and they're kind of tacky, but I just can't bring myself to ditch them. Anyhoo, I just love it all! Oh, and your dialogue is charming and witty as always! Christmafy? LOVE it!!

    Psssst....I finally got my slipper boots from Old Navy. Heavenly!


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