Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tacky christmas sweater party

i know that you've been dying to see {for the last 24 hours}...pics from the lafayette young life tacky christmas sweater party of course! so here you go. i just want you to be happy. if you dare, click to enlarge the pics on your screen.

here's our tree to get you in the spirit. benny said that i had to save the rest of our decor pics for another post. dang it. don't worry...you know i can't save great things like that for long. i'll talk to you more in depth about this then...

now there is no way to possibly prepare you for what you are about to see. this is my team - they are great! don't be scared. yes, my husband has a super creepy, i mean classy mustache. yes, i am wearing two sets of shoulder pads at one time. yes, micah purposefully pulled up his super tight shirt. and yes, ang got to come while her momma so sweetly watched silas for a bit! what a great treat.

couple of the fellas
now a shot of some of the girlies {they are precious}
benny hooked this little number up for us. you guessed it, it's a fireplace on his computer. sadly, our home has no fireplace BUT it did yesterday. yay!
husband is going to be very unhappy about the next series of pictures but he loves me so much that he'll let me leave them up.
the happy couple.
preparing for an evening with the kiddos. isn't he handsome? all the guys thought ben's stache was awesome & that he looked like an anchorman. they are all now aspiring to be 24 & have the ability to grow facial hair so they can do the same. all the girls thought he looked scary & maybe like a cop or pedophile. don't worry he's none of those things - just sweet benny & just to put your mind at ease - he is no longer is sportin' that gross thing.
.merry christmas to all & to all a good night.


  1. Your tree is beautiful! That shirt Ben has on is really something. Mom

  2. Literally laughed out loud. Such awesome pictures!

  3. Tell Chico he can keep the shirt! Don't think I can ever put it back in the closet!

  4. LOVE the last picture of Ben! This just made my morning.

  5. First of all I love your Christmas tree. Second of all I love all of the tacky Christmas sweaters. These pictures are great!

  6. i totally wished i could have been there! i loved the picture of you and ang and ben and micah. HILARIOUS. you all are the greatest and i cant wait to come home and spend a month with you (:

    p.s. i come home tomorrow! get excited

  7. BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love it!! Ben + Micah = sooo creepy!

  8. I HAVE THOSE EXACT SAME STOCKINGS!!! I felt kinda bad once I got them because I felt like Stephen's was a little too girly for him...now I don't feel bad seeing that someone else shares my taste! :) We're 1 person traveling around in 2 different bodies!

  9. Oh my gosh...this is hilarious!!! It looks like you guys had a great time!! :)


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