Saturday, December 26, 2009

a crafty little christmas

so it seems that this year has been one for crafty inspiration which just so happened to creep into christmas presents as well.  i gave some crafts & got some crafts - i thought you might be excited to sneak a peek.  {these crafts differ from our homemade goodies from girl's christmas, that you may have seen {here}.  here we go...

i received lots of girly jewels from stella bella boutique who is run by my bestie, rach.  my family knew how much i loved all her pieces so they loaded me up.  each is homemade & dainty as can be.  i can't wait to wear them all...but i should probably only do one at a time.

i have a big ol' family so i wanted to do something sweet, creative & thoughtful that wouldn't break the bank.  my hope was to make something that would help serve as a memory maker instead of just more 'stuff' {although i know sometimes stuff is fun}.  one of my favorite things to do is get all bundled up with my hubby & drink hot chocolate so, i made a basket full of goodies so that each couple could do just that.  

here's what i gathered for this project:
fleece blanket -- old navy
set of mugs -- walmart {bought individually}
mason jars -- only at one kroger in town {it's the wrong season for canning}
hot cocoa mix -- swiss miss {bought the super family size}
mini chocolate chips -- nestle's mini semi-sweet chips
mini marshmellows
fabric -- anything you have lying around, i bought a remnant at wally world for $0.16.
baskets -- walmart on sale for $2.88 a piece
pinking shears & ribbon dressed up the baskets

here's a close-up of the jar.  i think they are so sweet.

and i decided to make some monogrammed labels for everyone {see below}.  since many had the same last name {we're family duh} i also wrote the 'to' & 'from' on the back side {see a glimpse above}.  the labels i found {here} on  i actually have it bookmarked because i think you could basically use these for anything.  print them on different colored card stock to dress them up, use them to make place cards on a table scape, make fun garland that spells a phrase, print on sticker paper & make real labels - anything!  in this case i think it makes any package seem more personal as well!  one side note about those labels - she says to use a 3" round paper punch, i don't have one, couldn't find one & probably wouldn't have paid to have one if i did find it so what i recommend is just cut around the edges, simple as that, it really takes very little time.

my nana also got to crafting and made this beautimous ornament for benny & i.  she knows all kinds of tricks for sewing, and knitting, and crocheting, and cooking {i could keep going but will stop for your sake}.  i think it is very happy living on our tree!

i had to throw in this precious ornament since i was taking close-ups of the tree.  my momma steph made this for us last year, our first christmas together.  i L-O-V-E it.  

on the topic of momma steph, she made me these crocheted hangers!  how adorable are those!?  and she can just crank 'em out, i see an etsy store in her future.  as soon as we have a little babe i'll need about 40 of these please!

.that little flower is my fave.

on to my last craft.  i really went out on a limb for this one.  i am no seamstress but have been desperately wanting to get into it.  i thought christmas was a good place to start so i made momma steph an apron.  i started out thinking i would follow {this pattern}.  i bought all the fabric & materials as if that was what i was making but ended up not really following any of the steps she lays out.  it is far from perfect but i tried right?

i finally finished up laaaaate one night & took a shot of someone {me, since i was the only one around at 2 am} so you could see it on a person.  i apologize for messy me & all the mess surrounding my feet.

i'll share my steps with you soon & give some advice on all the things i learned on this little adventure.

here's a shot not on a person, sorry for my finger, the pile of thread & scraps, the iron, the towel & my toes, my photography skills were really lacking at this point.

welp, this is belated but merry christmas all!  hope you enjoyed fun, joyous, memorable times with your family & friends.  please feel free to attach any links of crafty creations you gave or received this holiday, i'd love to see them.

wishing you every happiness-
jen jen


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