Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a sigh of relief...

for all of you worried about the state of my mental health - i am doing much better & feel much more calm. i haven't had any sort of meltdown to speak of...yet. treat!

the weather is disgusting today, the rain is pouring & it is as dreary as can be. while that is the sad {& wet} truth, a few 'slow down' blessings have been bestowed on me today & i am very grateful. first off, i had my night jam-packed {imagine that}. i was planning on going to a team meeting with my yl friends & hubby right after work but it got cancelled / rescheduled. now don't mistake me, i love my teammates but spontaneous openings in my schedule these days send me singing. next on my list of 'to-do's was to go from store to store collecting all of {or most of} my christmas presents for fam & friends. now that it has been pouring buckets for the last million hours & the weather channel is calling for 90%-95% chance of rain for the next million hours i've decided to stay in for the evening. gosh, that sounds like a dream. i'm grinning as i type. i do love crossing tasks off my list but as much ease as that would grant to have it completed i think its best for me to have a night to relax, rest, be still & be renewed.

while at home tonight i hope to do a few very fun things. i am going to:
1. NAP. yes, that is what i'm going to do with my free time. i am going to snuggle up to my handsome husband & take a nap.
2. drink hot chocolate & eat dinner in.3. work on a very special christmas craft & hope that i don't ruin it or get frustrated. if it turns out i will surely share it {post-christmas}.
4. hang up all my clean laundry.
5. read scripture & do my beth moore.
6. write christmas love notes
7. blog about last nights' christmas party & / or our christmas house decor.
8. pray with my benny & go to sleep.
can i do all that by 10 tonight? that's when i'd like to go to bed so i can awake well rested! we never go to sleep at 10...bliss. wish me luck.


  1. Dear Jen,

    Sounds like a pretty good to-do list! I hope you get it accomplished! What Beth Moore study are you doing?


  2. your life sounds so much like mine lately! i had a mini breakdown yesterday so my mom did some of my shopping (how great is she!?) i'm staying home tonight and crafting, then i'm going to enjoy the finale of the biggest loser while eating greaters ice cream :)

  3. Your plans sound wonderful. Exactly the kind of things I'd enjoy doing...so enjoy for me.
    ~ Wendy


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