Monday, December 7, 2009

that's amore monday

i'm sorry but today my 'that's amore monday' has to be short & sweet with very little visual stimulation. i apologize. my life & to-do lists are going nuts-o & i am anticipating a full-blown melt-down within the next few days. prayers for patience welcome. as i've shared before, keeping busy {too busy} is something that i struggle with. right now, i am on overload. some people thrive under intense pressure. i am not one of those people.

christmas is meant to be a time of reflection, thanks, joy, & giving - i am leaning more towards frazzled, overbooked, grumpy & stressed-out. today for that's amore monday i honor a time of relaxation with a purpose. time to slow down, love people well, spend time with the Lord & 'be still'. the picture above is where i would love to sit & do those things for the day. cozy fire, awesome chair, perfectly imperfect stacked firewood, cup of hot cocoa & a fluffy plaid pillow. yes please {i shout} to all of the above!

some other thoughts that i wanted to share last week but didn't:

last week after 3 minutes in the labor & delivery part of the hospital ben said "i have baby fever"...twice. he doesn't mean that.

speaking of babes - our dear friends, the poston's had their precious baby boy, silas last week & we had the pleasure of snuggling that little glow-worm for a few minutes on sunday. he is perfect & adorable & will surely be a blessing to their home. i should have brought my camera so i could show you other people's cute kids but i forgot it!! i'm a terrible blogger.

if its going to be this cold it should just snow - i wrote that last week. and then what do you snowed! not a ton but enough to cover the ground and our deck! this morning we had even more little flurries flying about. singing 'it's beginning to look a lot like christmas' feels appropriate here.

last week, half my co-workers got trapped in the upstairs part of my office. the door was shut and the doorknob was locked even though there was no locking mechanism ON the doorknob. i was the only one on the outside so i tried to rescue them. i found a small screwdriver and threw it from the parking lot into an upstairs window. they were going to try and take the door apart. finally one co-worker just rammed the handle as hard as it would go & it opened. once opened the knob was immediately locked again. only here would we pay thousands & thousands of dollars to make our building "fire safe" only to get a door that traps you inside with no hope of getting out.

we decorated our home for christmas & i love it. eventually i would love to have many more decorations to hang & place around but for our first christmas in our first home i am very satisfied.

tonight we are having a tacky christmas sweater party instead of club for our l.h.s. friends. please pray that students would come, bring their friends & have a blast. pray that relationships would be made or deepened & that they would see the gospel in our interactions!

there are 18 days until!

...and 4 days until girl's christmas where some of my very best girlfriends get together & exchange homemade gifts with one another. i completed mine last night & i L-O-V-E them. i can't wait to share them with blogland. i bet you'll like them too. other presents completed = 0. BOO! i am really behind!! my next christmas where gifts are exchanged will be on the 18th so i have 11 days to get my act together. that doesn't sound like very much time...hence my distressed whining.

girl's christmas also means that one of my besties, shannon, is coming to the bluegrass & i am SO pumped. i can't wait to see our friend!

with merriment, cheer & frizzy hair...that is that's amore monday.
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  1. I have been super excited by the bits of flurries we've seen the past few days as well and I can't wait for the first full-fledged snowfall!

    Hang in there, I hope the stressful days pass by quickly so you can fully embrace the warmth and joy of the season.

  2. Jen, I feel you on feeling a bit frazzeled and stressed out. It seems like there are about a million holiday parties and other events going on this month - which I am excited about, but it means not much time for shopping for gifs, wrapping, crafting, baking, and having some time to relax and spend with the Lord reflecting on what all of this is really about.

    I hope you get some time to do that soon :) And I hope I get to come see your decorated house soon!

  3. Hey Jen, I just told my co-worker the exact same thing...since it's so cold, we might as well have some pretty snow for Christmas. The weather man says a snow storm is coming tomorrow! Also, I completely understand being overbooked and frazzled, and whenever that happens, I just have to step back, find some quiet time with the Lord, and reprioritze. Boo! It's tough because I want to do it all. I'll be praying for you girly-girl. Really, I will!

  4. that room is beautiful! i love/i want.

    can't wait to see you this weekend.

  5. I would also love to snuggle and relax on that sweet chair and read and reflect. I think I have to fight for time with the Lord more during this time of year that any other and shouldn't it be the other way around? I hope you get a chance to relax and a big comfy chair like this one soon! :)

  6. Your life sounds full and real and blessed.
    It was cool to read about your excitement over exchanging homemade gifts. I still think those are the best kind.
    ~ Wendy

  7. Love your blog! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on mine. I don't do well when I have too much on my plate, either, I get too bogged down to enjoy myself.



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