Tuesday, December 29, 2009

for the kiddos...

if you have little ones you may like this!  

they measure 13" X 13" X 26" - they are so small and so cute.  what a fun way to have a children's play table out in the mix of all your sophisticated home decor & not have it look like playskool threw up in your living room.  or if you're like my family, you alway have a 'kids table' set up for meals.  your babes would feel like little adults in these precious, bite-sized, leather, parson's chairs from kirkland's; you can find more details {here}. 

i was there last night trying to scrounge up on the discounted christmas leftovers & just giggled over these cute little things, they were on sale for $24 or so.  they are only available in the stores i believe so, if you're interested & live in the lexington area, the fayette mall location still has some.

to all the momma's out there...hope you like these!


  1. So cute! I have "big girl" chairs like that in my formal dining room...they would look so cute for little kids!

  2. Super cute! And really not too shabby on the price either - you'd just have to make sure you keep the Mr. Clean eraser out for all those crayon and marker smudges on little kid leather chairs :) Good lookin' out!


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