Tuesday, December 1, 2009

battle of the sexes

in my 'house beautiful' christmas decor hunt i happened upon these two charming rooms. needless to say, jamie drake {the designer} is not afraid of color.

i picture a dainty girl in all her pearls living in this uber-feminine wonderland. i bet she has a closet full of cardigans & peep-toed shoes.
i'm well aware that a lady could live in this room as well but i thought it looks so manly to me - but still has a home-y feel. the walls are covered in "handwoven yarn-dyed raffia," isn't that texture awesome? me likey.
what's that benny? you want a room just like this? i thought you'd say that!


  1. Benny @awesome.comTuesday, December 01, 2009

    Jen Jen-

    I do like that boy room. Let's make one. (not a boy, let's make that room)



  2. I'll take the first room... and the closet full of cardigans and peep toe shoes!

  3. benny-
    my parents read this. i'm blushing.

    amy kelly-
    i second both sentiments! i think i would be too scared to follow through with it myself, the walls & ceiling are the most intimadating.

    love your thoughts-

  4. great rooms! makes me want to decorate and renovate, but I think we'll have to wait until after the holidays. :)

  5. I laughed because I liked *some* elements of the first room and I do love cardigans, peep toes and pearls. Colour me a feminine stereotype, I guess. ;)


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