Monday, December 21, 2009

that's amore monday

well hello there friends & a big ol' merry christmas to you! only 4-ish days until the big day! what a delight. we celebrated 3 family christmases this past weekend {& 4 in the past week} since we will be out of town {in chicago} from mid-week on this week.  we will be visiting benny's family.

it was beyond great to spend the weekend with some of my closest family.  that time really is precious isn't it?  what a blessing to have a life filled with so many wonderful people who are so encouraging, loving & selfless.  goodness, i am thankful.

as i am sure you will hear me say about eight-thousand times in the next two weeks, i am aware that christmas is not about presents, its not about what we get or even what we give really.  my continual hope it to point people to the cross but along the way i do get to give {& get} some really neat things & i am just so excited by these little treats that i simply must share them with you all.  in light of god's grace & the perfect gift of His son, Jesus, i know these things are trivial but lets celebrate Christ & enjoy the little things that put a smile on our face, shall we?

over this past week ben & i were flooded with gobs of goodies.  we come from extremely generous families that just love to give.  they each have really great hearts.   so that leaves me with a gillion great finds that i can't wait to share with Y-O-U!  so today for that's amore monday, that is exactly what i'm going to do...share a sweet gift with ya'll!

santa stopped by my mom & pop's house in louisville a few days early because he knew that we'd be out of town on the day of, since he's so smart, in my stocking i recieved this little gem.   it is an eddie bauer down ice scraper mitt - which can be found {here}.  mine is the first one on the top, the black & white plaid with faux fur accent.  i love it!

since lexington has recently been converted to a winter wonderland, & everyday when i wake up i see about an inch of flurries on my windshield this contraption will be incredibly useful!  i'm thinking i may rely on it during our adventure too.  i hear that sometimes it snows in chicago.

it is not only useful but soooooo cute!  i wish i had a close up of mine to show you but no one wanted to give me one on google {dang it google}!  this is the style my sister, molly, has {i think}.  still adorable!   while you're freezing your tail off & clinching all the muscles in your body as you scrape away this might actually put a smile on your face, can you imagine? what a stylish way to keep your hand warm! 

thank you mom, santa & eddie bauer!
.that is that's amore monday.
stay posted on more fantastic christmas treats.  i don't mean to brag but my fam & friends are just the best gift givers, i gotta show 'em off!!


  1. Jen, I like this because I got one for Christmas last year and it is GREAT! My hands used to get so wet and cold scraping the snow and ice off my car, but not any more! Glad you love it too :)

  2. It's wild that you posted these scraper mits today. The hubs and I just saw these mittens for the first time this past week, and we both thought it was a brilliant idea! The Eddie Bauer ones are certainly cute. :)Let me know how they work our for you!

  3. i saw these at eddie bauer a couple months ago and thought they were awesome. dusty said i couldn't have one because i get to park in the!

  4. I am glad you liked your gift, I know how cold your hands get, and then you get cold all over. Not good, not good. Mom


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