Monday, December 28, 2009

that's amore monday

in honor of the past two weeks, today i'd like to give a shout out to 'the-get-together'.  oh, how i adore a good hangout with family & friends.  since we just happened to have a holiday {i lil something i like to call christmas} i had the priviledge of seeing all kinds of kin & dear friends.  i took some shots to document our time together & thought you might like to come along for the ride. 

our christmas celebration with my lexington family went undocumented, i think momma steph may have taken some shots so maybe i can steal from her since i forgot to play photographer that night.  you did get to see some post-christmas gift shots {here}.

<3 here's benny & i <3

grandma margaret & jim {who are now sitting toasty in florida...jealous? yes!}

our puppy red dog.  he's getting real old.

this is my little nephew, colby cheese.  isn't he precious?  he {contrary to red} is very young & has a bunch of energy.

here's my big brother, paul looking like a bank robber so that he go climb mt. rainier & my sister-in-love, greta who got some sweet running gloves.

and here's sister, molly & her hubby, david, the newlyweds...aww.

there was quite a mess to be picked up after present opening was complete.

more family time!  hooray!

now off to chicago.  we travelled up north for a few fun filled days with benny's family.  he comes from a gigantic familia too so we got to see so many wonderful people.  the trip up was nice, the weather was mild, we had ben's little {but giant} brother as a passenger, snacks & good music.  it was an excellent road trip.  we arrived about 2 pm to D&D, grandma ada's itailan deli & store.  i'm a bit lost trying to work in an italian deli, i can't pronounce most of the food in the store & know very little about food preparation but we spent the afternoon there despite my lack of helpfulness, we visited & helped where we could. 

that evening we were sent back to grandma's house to clean fish, shrimp & squid for the annual fish fry that would commence on christmas eve.  now if you don't know me well you may not know that i am pretty picky with what i'll eat & even pickier on what i will touch.  raw meat gives me the willies so the thought of cleaning an octopus is pretty much nausiating. but the sweet little damiani's found me something i could handle - pre-cleaned, frozen seafood. perfect for me {sort of}.  the table next to me was surrounded by youngin's who had just been taught the proper way to clean squid.  i heard many "i just pulled out an eyeball" & "how can i get the beak out?" statements.  this did not make me want to join them.

i actually did end up having plenty to munch on during christmas eve {i'm sure you were worried i would wither away...not} but i stuffed my face with yummy bread, cocktail shrimp, fried shrimp & calimari too!   here is something i didn't touch but thought you might be interested to see.  yes, this is a bowl full of snails that have been cooked in spaghetti sauce & then strained out.  and again, you're not seeing things, that is an octopus on top.

two of the cutest little cousins in the world.  i just want to squeeze their little cheeks!

.best friends.

eventually we made our way back home to good ol' kentucky.  the drive home was a little more terrifying eventful.  right before we left a mild blizzard stirred up & the roads were slick as can be.  {close your ears, mom}.  there were cars in ditches all over the place & we passed a few that were flipped over as well, i think the super strong winds we were having had something to do with it.  but not to fear, we took our time & went very slowly until we got into better circumstances & 6 hours later, safely arrived at home sweet home.

and last night we got one of the most precious treats of all - a visit from baby silas!  woo hoo.  he LOVES coming to his aunt & uncle's house to play {that's us}.  he even put on his hoodie because he likes us so much.

i should have flipped these vertically {sorry} tilt your head friends!  isn't he a DOLL?  he is still super duper tiny & makes the most awesome faces.

that's the teeny tiny-ness i was talking about.  look how small he looks when you hold him up.  oh my goodness!  momma ang is looking awfully pretty too don't cha think!?

"i'm so excited i may projectile vomit on auntie jen!!!"

.making funny faces with his poppa.
{my camera needs baby red eye detector}

clinton, you look like a natural. do you have something to tell us?

that's all for that's amore monday & for my adventure story telling for the day as well.  i hope each of you had the opportunity to attend a 'get together' that warmed your heart & brought you joy. 

-with love from our home-


  1. Jen! I'm so happy you had a great Christmas with friends and family! Does Benny have some Italian in him? That whole snail and octopus shin-dig rings familiar with me as I've seen/heard of the Corsi family taking on this endeavor (Stephen's Nonu {Grandpa} used to be the one who ate the Octopus head...siiiiiiiick)
    Love you!

  2. what a great Christmas!! You and your hubs are so cute and your little nephew is so precious!!


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