Tuesday, May 29, 2012

showers for a princess

we have already been so blessed to experience two showers for our sweet little babe.  the first was a surprise shower hosted by the ladies at my work.  they told me we were all going out lunch together to mini-celebrate another co-worker who has recent baby news of her own.  when we left to go get in the car they were all in the lobby.  it was darling!  they brought all kinds of yummy food, pot-luck style and i stuffed my face.  they even had all of my favorite things to drink & dot-cake cupcakes.  i was in heaven.  emmie liked it too.

i didn't have the slightest clue it was coming so was pretty much floored.  they gave itty bitty all kinds of essentials and some non-essentials that were too cute to pass up.  like some teeny flip flops that are about an inch long.  oh my!  i'm so blessed to work with so many sweet, thoughtful women.  i'm going to miss them once i'm home with the babe.  i won't miss working so much, but i do think i'll really miss the people.

since i didn't know it was coming i didn't bring a camera and don't have one single picture of the day.  if i ever get my hands on some i'll come back and add.

our second shower was last tuesday.  it was thrown by the women on my mom's side.  it was intimate and small and perfect.  they are so generous and kind to give of their time, drive from all over and on top of that shower us with all kinds of baby things.  i did manage to snag a few pictures at this one!
i, again stuffed my face with all of my favorite goodies, so sweetly prepared by my family [notice a pattern] and just enjoyed their company.  they've got really good stories.  i love that little lady will grow up with so many loving people surrounding her.
i know that our family and community is unique.  not everyone has such an amazing support system around them.  people to celebrate with, people to ask how you're doing, people to shower you with over-the-top presents because they know you and your baby will love them, people that tell you that you "you're all belly" when you really have cankles.  i'm so thankful for all that we've been given and for the people that i believe God has strategically placed around us.  what a gift.


  1. so sweet -- and you and your mama, as always, look so much alike. :)
    you are so fortunate to go through this experience with all your family living so close!!!

  2. Hy sweetie! i love your post! would you likw to follow each other? tell me what do u think! XXo



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