Thursday, May 3, 2012

R.I.P. M.A.C. + life

our computer has officially died.  ben took the old brute to the computer doctor [aka the mac genius bar] and they delivered the news - it wasn't good.  we've been looking at replacements but those puppies ain't cheap so we're weighing our options and disagreeing about what our little family needs.  hopefully in the near future we will come to a consensus, bite the bullet & bring home a new and improved computer to share.

until then i'm not sure how blogging will commence. if you're wondering, i am not from my work.

just wanted to stop in to say, all is well here in the brzinski home.  we've been working our tails off at the house and things are really shaping up.  i wish i took one million 'before' pictures so you'd truly know how drastic it feels to us.  if you're my real-life friend, i'm sure you know what i'm talking about [insert memory of our office / craftroom floor filled to your knees with junk & yarn]. we are enjoying the clean, organized parts of our home so much.  there is juuuuust a bit of a mess still lingering.  but we have a motivator [other than the reward of an organized home]...

ben is graduating this sunday. i absolutely cannot believe that we are already here.  time has gone so quickly. i know the classes and semesters may have felt long for him at times but the years flew by.  i am so proud of him.  he is going to be such a great teacher - but more on that later.  our families are coming over after the graduation ceremony and we would really love for our place to be in order.  don't worry, we're not trying to fool anyone.  they've actually all seen our house in disaster-mode.  its just a kick-in-the-rear to think - 'by saturday, we want to have ____ projects complete & under our belt.'

hope all is well in your abode and family as well!

a few other notes:
my friend ang is giving away a free printable this morning to celebrate the opening of her etsy shop later this week and you probably want IT.

i may have mentioned this already but my dear friend cory also recently opened up shop via the web and i want to buy one million infinity scarves.  its a problem.  check eclectic joy here.

i will likely write more about this later because this is big and my heart is heavy.  one of the sweetest [and most hilarious] couples i've ever known just found out that the hubby has leukemia.  they are my age and on yl staff in north carolina.  i know that this is rocking their world but they are so steadfastly planted in the Lord that i am positive they will see and reflect Jesus like never before in this trial.  please be praying for my friends alex & jay - for health, healing, dependance on the Lord, peace that passes understanding & opportunities for God to be glorified.  if you'd like to read more go to their page here. [you do have to create a password, it takes about 10 seconds to fill out].  i'm so thankful for the body of Christ that has already rallied around them & for the amazing power of prayer.

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