Monday, May 14, 2012

randi's a bachelorette - but not for long

our dear friend has since made the plunge into holy matrimony but before all that we had one last ladies fling.  it was a great night spent with friends laughing and celebrating our tiny randi.

look at that bride-to-be...
we went to a place called 'painting with a twist' and i loved it.  i felt like i couldn't do what the instructor said at all but it was relaxing and fun nonetheless.  each girls' painting was slightly different but all were pretty similar.  i think that is pretty neat.  randi got to choose what we painted and it was a van gogh tree [i have no idea of the name].  i would definitely love to go back. i hope randi loved it too.  we sipped lemonade and painted our little hearts out.

mine still doesn't have a place in the house yet but i think i will find it a little home :)

from painting we went out to dinner which was full of perfect conversation and toe-touches done by moms.  i don't have pics of the remainder of the evening because my camera died but if i get my hands on some i'll be back.  after that we headed back to the girls' house for an awfully sweet 'bachelorette-y' party.  i can't elaborate - i'm sorry.

sweet randi, we had so much fun celebrating your marriage-to-be [which actually already exists - ahhhh].  thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an exciting time.

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