Sunday, May 20, 2012

30 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe is about 3 pounds & around 16 inches long right now.  her head & brain are getting bigger & her bones are getting stronger!  her eye-sight is improving daily but she'll still have some growing to go in that department after she's born.

gender: teeny tiny little girl! 

movement: this week she is going in phases.  she was really busy in the beginning of the week and now she has slowed down a little.  i don't know if she's just catching up for the weekend and on monday will be all spaazy again or if this is the beginning of her chilling out a little [they say that should be happening this coming week] - that she should start to have more defined, longer periods of rest and sleep.

momma developments: i'm doing great!  not much is new this week.  i feel like i'm growing, almost daily and i'm pretty tired but other than that - all is well.

total weight gain: 25-27 pounds

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind. 

cravings: i wanted a grilled chicken sandwich pretty badly but i don't know if it was a 'craving' or not.  i got one - it worked :)

anything hard?
my eye twitched for 3 days straight any time i was at work.  i don't think it was a pregnancy thing, maybe my eyes were dry or i'm stressed.  who knows.

now that we've picked a name we just need to decide how to spell it and if she'll have a double name or a first & middle - like normal.

never forget:
9 weeks left until you arrive!  oh wow! 64 days to go.  what?

we had a free weekend.  it never happens - ever.  i absolutely loved it.  benny and i got to spend all kinds of time together.  i really should have been more productive with my time [perhaps] but we literally never just get to 'be'.  it was so lovely.

i got to be outside in the sunshine with my hubs saturday.  i may have worn a bikini with my big pregnant belly all sunscreened up.  what are back decks for?

babe, you and i ventured all over town this week.  we worked a bunch, had an ice cream date with a bunch of our high school friends, biblestudies that you loved, dates with poppa, bonfires & a bridal shower for miss shannon k.

you also had a surprise shower of your own at momma's work.  i'm going to post on it soon but it really was so so sweet. and i had no idea it was coming.  i am so thankful to work with so many sweet & thoughtful women.

i think i made some decisions on your room and now i just need to make purchases.  i said i was going to be all done with this by this week [and the week before...and the week before] but i really really wanted to be.  i think it is coming into focus a little more clearly though & i'm excited for that.

we had a doctor's appointment on friday.  nothing too crazy happened.  i got to hear your heartbeat, it was 134 to 140.  they say that you and i are both healthy as can be.  i couldn't be more thankful!

your poppa and went to a 'little fingers, little toes' class at the hospital.  they told us just general information about what to expect once you come and then little basic things to care for you like changing diapers, swaddling and giving you a tiny baby bath.  i hope you like bath time, i think that one sounded really fun. seeing pictures of little newborns and hearing all about real life with them made us feel all the more excited for your arrival. ooohhh, it won't be long before you're here.


  1. home stretch! won't be long before you are three and not two! :) enjoy your moments alone...go wandering all by yourself and love every minute of it. You'll still get 'alone time' later...but for a little while you'll still think about the baby no matter how alone you are -- so you might as well be with her!

    third tri is the best! :D


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