Tuesday, June 5, 2012

32 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe weighs between 3.75 to 4 pounds this week.  she's somewhere near 17" long.  things are still moving right along, she's fattening up and fine-tuning all of her little systems.

gender: teeny tiny little girl! our mini, emmie collins.

movement: still moving a lot and all over.  she did seem to have longer periods of wake and sleep as 'they' predicted.  she's been kicking all our friends, family, benny and of course, me.  we know that she was head down but has since flipped back and forth several times.  she doesn't like to stay in one place apparently. 

momma developments: growing, growing, growing.  breathing has become a little harder from time to time & i've had some weird times of light-headedness, which i really hate.   those make me feel really sicky and out of control.  i still have forever nosebleeds but it's ok - no biggie.

total weight gain: 30 pounds dum.dum.dum.

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind.

cravings: nothing new.

anything hard?  wanting everything to be done but feeling too tired to actually do it.
never forget:
we had monday of this week off for memorial day, to remember all the brave people who have served and protected us.  it was great to be at home with your dad, little babe.  i kind of wish we could all be home together, all the time.  but i guess that makes our time together all the more special.

on saturday morning our sweeter than sweet friend jenna came by the house to take a few bump pics of us around the abode.  our home isn't real fancy but it's home and as we build a little family here i want to remember things like that.  we took some pics snuggled in bed and on the couch - me, benny & the babe.  i think some of my favorite memories have been and will be made just that way.  spending time in mundane places, free from distractions, just enjoying each other's company.  those are the kinds of things i want to remember.  when i thinking about bringing emmie collins into our room in the mornings to hangout with us i am just...filled.  i don't know the right word.  but i cannot wait for her little rolly polly self to play in the morning between me and her pop.

later that day, i got to have blessed time with two of my favorite people in the world, cory & rach.  we didn't really have plans so of course we ate and then went on a thrifting adventure through nicholasville [a town right next door].  we found lots of awesome treasures - it was a success.
on sunday you had a baby shower thrown by all your friends!  you loved it.  every single bit of it was absolutely precious [i'll be back to post on that soon].  your friends and family take such good care of you.  you were showered will all kinds of love and presents and books.  i'll remember it always!

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