Tuesday, May 15, 2012

randi & clinton tie the knot

i love weddings.  mainly because i love marriage.  i love that God so graciously appointed us to have a partner, a helper and that we'd be able to see Jesus more clearly and look more like him ourselves through the refining tool of marriage.  getting to be present for randi and clinton's wedding ceremony was such a blessing to ben and i.  we love both of these friends dearly. 

randi and i have been in biblestudy together for years and years now and i'm always blown away [and oh so thankful] for her sincerity and for the deep way that her mind works.  i am always spurred on to be more real and go deeper when i hear about her walk with Christ.  that is a pretty amazing quality to have.  clinton and i lead  together on a younglife team many moons ago at a private school in town, sayre.  it was a hard place to be in a lot of ways but i wouldn't trade one minute of it.  we were able to learn so much about how the Lord operates, that people's hearts are His mighty work and that we are just blessed to be a part of it.  i learned so much from my team during those years.  clinton is so steady and faithful - not easily shaken.  their marriage is going to be such a voice that speaks to God's goodness and grace.

sorry my pictures are kind of terrible.  i was super zooming to get these.

instead of a unity candle or a salt covenant, they literally 'tied the knot'.  they are both outdoorsy and awesome.  the groom is a forest ranger [you know like with bears and things in colorado] so when i saw that climbing rope i about died.  they tied a knot that only gets tighter and stronger under pressure.  just like your marriage should.  i loved that.
our precious little silas was just the most adorable ring bearer you ever did see.  he miiight have had a mini-meltdown when there was carrying mishap but i think that just made him even cuter.  and that is his pretty momma, [one of our best friends] ang.  she was helping to run the show and i must say, did an amazing job.  every little detail was perfect.
i snapped a few shots of little details at the reception.  they aren't very good / artsy photos i must say but i think you can tell how gorgeous it really was in person, use some imagination. here were a few of my favorite things.
loved the flowers & lemons as our centerpieces.  i wanted to take these flowers home but a granny beat me to it.  [just kidding - kind of].  there were little notecards on the table for us to write to randi and clinton since they are going to be living across the country.  note of encouragement, or love, or jokes - to make them feel close to everyone.
the burlap, twine and wood accents felt very 'outdoors' like the couple and also very angie, which not surprisingly is kind of right up my alley as well.  i was just soaking it all in.  it was beautiful!
this was one of my all-time favorite thing from any wedding. i wish that i had one of these for benny & i hanging in the house.  i think it is so endearing.
me, benny and the bump all thoroughly enjoyed the evening.
i got just a few pics of friends...
and one of a happy salad. bahahaha
i didn't capture one second of 'the hoe-down' on film but let me tell you, i was loving. it.  every minute of it.  wagon wheel came on and two of our friends 'interrupted' the dance party as country bumpkins ready to show us a good time.  if you're not a young life person you have no idea what i'm talking about right now.  we square danced and did the virginia reel as our friends played and called it from the front, barefoot with rolled jeans.  i mean, i'm pretty sure our friends should do this like once a month.  i don't know what the bride and groom's families were thinking but our friends say - two big country thumbs up.

love you mr. and mrs. owens.  we are so excited for you both to start your lives together!


  1. adore the burlap and natural elements they chose -- beautiful job with the details making it personal. :)

  2. :) awesome post!

    A friend of mine got married almost a year ago, and had a similar decor theme as your friends' wedding.... also very out-doorsy and nature-filled. Their reception was awesome fun too - we didn't do a hoedown, but did have a goofy dance off..... since the experience seemed similar, thought I'd share... lol!

    You guys (and bump aka your little princess) look great!! :) Congrats to Ben on his graduation!! I can't wait til it's my turn!! :)
    Always enjoy reading your updates!!
    Take care & God bless

  3. what a beautiful wedding, so happy for randi and clinton!

  4. what a beautiful wedding! all the decorations are perfect! in love with the use of the stumps!!
    xo TJ


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