Monday, May 28, 2012

a name

we finally did it! we decided on a name for our little princess-to-be.  it took us months and months to talk through all kinds of options.  it was fun, it was frustrating, it was exciting.  we just wanted it to fit her.  to fit us.  a name that would grow with her and she grows, a name that is sweet [like we're hoping this little one will be].  one that is unique but not so unique that people will be confused when she introduces herself.  not too trendy, not too popular.  we eventually found something that we hope will fit her just right...
we probably had about 40 names that we went back and forth about.  i may have made a google doc for us to keep track of our ideas [i'm a complete nerd].  some were knocked out because one of us liked them and the other did not.  others because we know someone close who is using that name.  if i thought about any name for long enough i could eventually find a flaw, you know like "if you say it fast is sounds like alien," "it rhymes with ferret," etc.

i prayed that the Lord would do that thing where he shows up and says "you'll have a daughter and her name will be _____.  she will go on to do _____."  i'd take that and call it a day.  sadly, that never happened.

we both really loved the idea of calling this little lady em and emmie but we wanted her to have a name that she could use as an adult and we were worried that emmie would be to youthful for when she's all grown up.  we tried to think of lots of 'grown-up' names you could use for em / emmie.  we discussed emerson and emory the most but neither of us could get completely on board.  weeks later we said, what the hey.  emmie can be an adult.  and that was that.

almost everyone asks "...and what is collins?" when we tell them her name.  its just a name we love.  it's not a family name.  its not 'from somewhere' we just think it's perfect.
little emmie collins,

we cannot wait for you to be here.  we have loved calling you your name since the decision was made. it fits.  and hopefully, once you're here, you'll agree.  you're a little person, now with a little name and we hope that someday you will grow up to be a compassionate, generous, light for the Lord.  we can't wait to snuggle and love you out here.  you are already such a blessed addition to our family.  we're so thankful for you.

mom & pop


  1. Beautiful name, the middle name is so unique but so feminine with the first name. We had a very hard time deciding on our little girl's name too!

  2. cute to finally see it written out! so is 'collins' officially the middle name or did you decide on two firsts?

  3. Cute! I'm so glad you finally decided on a name and it fits! I love the "e" picture!!! :)

  4. I love it so much!! I can't wait to meet her :) Btw - did you make the E picture? I love it!

  5. Had to comment... because that is the most beautiful name! I have loved peeking in on all your pregnancy updates, thanks for sharing your experience! Congrats!

  6. LOVE it, Jen + Ben! I especially am in love with 'Collins'. Too bad I already have a Colin :(


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