Monday, May 14, 2012

ben graduates!

it's only fitting that i post my all-time favorite school picture of benny for this occasion.  my sweet husband has graduated and is all prepared to be a teacher.  i am so proud of him and how hard he's worked to get here.  he is going to be so great with his students - all the lil fifth graders - getting them ready to embark on middle school.  i pray that we'd be so thankful for his opportunity to work and never lose sight about how his care for those students could impact their lives for the long haul.  i pray that God would use him in mighty ways and that he'd be a blessing and a picture of Jesus to lots and lots of families & co-workers that he'll encounter.

one week ago benny put on his cap and gown.  what a handsome stud.  i lugged my camera all the way through rupp arena only to find that i left my battery plugged into the wall at home.  wouldn't you know.  so now i get to rely on crazy internet photos.  as you can tell - this isn't mine.  

i'm so proud of you!
 i also stole some pics from my momma.  husband on the jumbo screen getting his fake diploma.  [i hear they'll put it in the mail for us.]

i few interesting little things happened while we were there.  ben got to graduate with darius miller and vargas so that was pretty exciting.  look who came to watch them [and ben of course] graduate.  good ol' anthony davis.  he's looking right at mom's camera.  awkward?  noooooo.
our families came to town to celebrate the big day.  i got to the arena before them so i saved a few seats, like many of the other 15,000 people there.  a man came up to me and really tried to pick a fight with me about saving seats.  it was just like seinfeld, the movie episode [i'm elaine].  it was completely comical because there were literally sets of open seating all over the place and for some reason he felt it necessarily to find a pregnant woman on her husband's graduation day to come pester.  luckily my mother-in-law came in right when it might have escalated to get the guy to back off. people are crazy.

afterward we came back to the house - all of our families and some of our friends.  our little home was filled with all kinds of people we love - and little babies.  all the littles were playing so sweetly together.  our kitchen is definitely not made to hold a big crowd.  that we learned.  but that is ok & it didn't ruin a completely special day.  it was gorgeous outside so we were able to use our deck as another room.  we enjoyed being with everyone so much and are so blessed to be surrounded by so many fantastic people.
 to our families and dear friends: 
we love you so.  our lives are so full because of you.  thank you for all the ways you care for and support us.
to my little benny boo:
i'm so proud of you & all your diligent work.  i'm so thankful to have you as my husband & best friend.  never tire of doing good - always give yourself fully to the work of the Lord, because you know it will not be in vain.  thank you for pushing yourself because you feel called to and for desiring to provide for our little family.  i'm going to decorate your classroom with all kinds of crafty crap.  i love you.


  1. First of I just now noticing that ben's bro and his dad are wearing matching outfits??? awesome! :) and I gotta say that I am kind of in love with his mom -- she is so cute and sweet!

    nice pic of cormac -- he is as disheveled as he normally is! :D

  2. We are so proud of Ben for working so hard to obtain his dream. We had a great time sharing in the celebration.


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