Sunday, May 13, 2012

29 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe is 2.5-3 pounds & around 15 inches long right now.  her head & brain are getting bigger & her bones are getting stronger!

gender: teeny tiny little girl!  little princess as she's also known.

movement: this week all the sites say that itty bitty should be moving more than ever and she is certainly living up to that.  she's never been so active.  all day long, all night long she is getting around.  she gets bigger and bigger and it is not going unnoticed.  her most active is still when i'm lying down and i'm still loving how often her poppa gets to feel her move around.

momma developments: i'm doing great!  my body is a little achy and tired but i'm feeling well.  the only 'new' development is that either my chest is moving south or my bump is moving north - or perhaps some sort of peace treaty has been signed and they've decided to meet somewhere in the middle.

total weight gain: 23-25 pounds still.

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind. 

cravings: nothing new!

anything hard?
this was a great week.  i can't think of any real struggles this week just sweet & blessed.  we still have a lot to do but i'm feeling a little better about getting it done.

never forget:
little baby girl-  we are so excited for you.  today is mother's day, which i'll post on soon but just the idea that we're going to be parents, that we'll be responsible for you, for caring for you and loving you well - we just can't wait.  everyday your dad tells you about how he'd like to hold you. how sweet that day will be!

we may have picked a name for you.  ahhhhhh - for reals?  i hope to be back this week with a post about just that.

this week you had a 'work day' with yl girls, lunch and dinner dates, brunch with your fam for mother's day, a date with your poppa & a super fun wedding celebration with all your 'aunts and uncles' for the owens.  you were one busy little princess.  at the wedding all our friends were so excited about you.  you're really 'showing' now so people know you're in there.  you danced the night away.

one week away from single digits.  let the countdown begin.

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