Monday, May 28, 2012

31 weeks

what's cooking? [new baby things]: babe weighs somewhere between 3 and 3.5 pounds and about 16-18 inches long which is almost how long she'll be when she's born.  oh. my. goodness.  babe's brain is processing lots of information from all 5 senses now.  she should [and does] also have more defined sleeping patterns.

gender: teeny tiny little girl!

movement: still moving continually but now with really big, sweeping movements.  she still does her tae bo in the mornings so i get some quick jabs but for the most part i get big waves and sweeps.

momma developments: seems like my face is gradually getting fatter.  sometimes i think i look normal and other times i don't, so maybe it's just swollen OR maybe just gaining weight there.  time will tell :)

i literally have to pee as soon as i stand up, every time i stand up - yikes.  i peed 7 times before noon the other day.  not ok. who's got that kind of time?

i had a few weeks off from the leg cramps but they're baaaack. i think it might really be the water. last night i had a few terrible ones and right before i had climbed into bed i said - "today i barely had any water." it's like the kiss of death.

total weight gain: 27-28 pounds

maternity clothes: i'm loving maternity clothes and dresses of any kind.

cravings: nothing much.  just jimmy johns.  i almost convinced ben to let me have it this week :)  slim 4 w/ provolone i need you.

anything hard?
i've been a tornado of destruction this week. i don't know what's going on but i'm breaking everything.  it's really sad.  i crushed a whole sprite in our ice maker and had it explode all over the inside and outside of the fridge. i broke a mirror in ben's car.  i dropped more things than i can count and basically body-slammed my straightener on the floor [on accident].

never forget:
this was another busy but awesome week around our home.  anytime i'm hit once again by the 'you're-about-to-be-responsible-for-a-little-life-train' i feel kind of crazy.  it's something i can't really wrap my head around.  when i remember that all these little [and big] pokes and prods in my belly mean that there's a little human in there i'm basically stunned all over again.  completely ecstatic and utterly overwhelmed all in one.  this is definitely one of those huge life transitions that brings change forever - but change that is perfect.

on monday, we had a send-off for randi & clinton that you just saw get hitched.  they are moving across the country so it was only fitting that we send them on their grand-adventure surrounded by lots of dear friends.  the babe kicked everyone and it was a blessing to get to be there for that.

on tuesday we had such a lovely shower with some ladies in the family on my mom's side.  my cousin [who is much like an aunt] hosted it and my momma, grandma and other cousin's brought the yummiest food.  they showered me and the babe with all kinds of love and very generous presents.  i'll post about that soon!  babe, you gotta know how blessed you are to have such wonderful family.  they love you already so i know they'll take such good care of you when you're here!

ben & i went to a labor class, which was basically a pain management class. i was glad that we went and learned breathing techniques and positions that may ease discomfort a teeny tiny bit before i get some drugs but i also wanted a bit more info on what would happen while i'm delivering. i think i maybe want more preparation than anyone can give me.

after reading through heinous literature from that class we met up with some of our best friends in the world to see 'what to expect when you're expecting.'  ang, and i giggled basically the entire time.  we all really loved it i think.  i may have been a little too baby-emotional to watch a baby movie.  this decision was made after i nearly cried 5 separate times and had to think about funny unicorn jokes from earlier in the movie. i'm real thankful for dear friends and for the chance to spend time with them.  we are so blessed to have friends who have had kids before us to encourage us, share ideas with us, teach us & challenge us.

itty bitty, you got to go shopping with your grandma [karen] this week.  we looked at baby chairs for you.  they are harder to find than you might think.  me and your poppa made our final selection so 12 should have a soft comfy place to rock you once you arrive.

you went to lhs graduation + graduation parties, and took a mini-trip up to nky to visit your family [there was definitely a house-full].

and last, your future bff, silas, knows you're in my belly and calls you by name.  it has to be just about the sweetest thing ever.


  1. si talked about emmie all weekend :) he loves her:)

  2. also, i'd like to say a quote from the movie on here. but i can't. i bet you can gather which one i'm thinking, and laughing hysterical about... :)

  3. the thing about si talking to emmie just melted my heart away. seriously? i'm in love.. with both of them. sweet little emmie-- i wanted to buy you SO many little treats at the polo, jcrew, and gap outlet this weekend.. i resisted and only got a few little precious get-up's. you'll get to see them on sunday at your sweet little shower :)

    seriously.. can NOT wait to love on this sweet baby girl. i'm so giddy with joy by all these posts. love you momma jen jen.


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