Wednesday, March 31, 2010

matter of the heart

{original photo found here.  embellishment added by me}

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

blasty blast for all

i had a fantastic weekend.  a weekend filled with friends, family, travel, laughter, visits, babies & love.

we rarely have a friday where nothing is planned.  there's always a h.s. game, leadership etc.  this friday...nothing.  can you believe it?  it was such a treat.  immediately after work i had the opportunity to hang out with my sweet h.s. friend, callie, before she left for spring break.  we caught up, chit-chatted & talked about life.  i followed that up with some much needed errand running & then home to the hubby.  it was a chill evening for sure.

saturday brought other great things.  namely, a shower for this sweetie!  look at her, isn't she a doll?  she's getting married in the near future so we had to hook her up with little pretties to start their life together.

ashley & her sister mere are two of the sweetest, funniest people i've ever known.  i just love to be around them.  i laughed until i cried many times over.
{photos from here up are taken by the talented mrs. erica stringer}

.some more shots from the day.
it was a fabulous celebration.  can't you tell?

unfortunately i had to speed of after the party.  benny and i were bound for northern ky...which i was very excited about.  we were on a time crunch because we didn't want to miss one second of the uk v. west virgina game.  in case you've been living under a rock...we lost.  it was a tradegy & we have all been in mourning since.  we had such a great season & it was a pleasure to cheer on such talented young players.  i wish wish wish they would stay one more year instead of heading off to the NBA so soon.

the reason we were in town was not to watch the game.  it was to see this little guy...james wesley.  you may remember us celebrating this fella {HERE} a while back.  now we get to celebrate his life in person!  cory & dusty are two of our dearest friends and it is such a blessing to get to walk through life with them.  he is a perfect little man who is blessed with faithful & wise parents who will love him to pieces and teach him about all the ways that the Lord cherishes him. 
and here's a little glimpse of what's to come...i've become an indoor gardener.

Monday, March 29, 2010

that's amore monday

when ben & i were house hunting i was appauled but the number of homes in lexington that had one or more rooms completely enclosed in wood paneling.  gross, i thought.. how do these people live this way!  now, a few month later i seem to be singing a different tune.  don't get me wrong...those rooms were still disgusting but for some reason i didn't see the potential in them that i do now.  on the ceiling, on the wall...once it's painted i love it.  i love the texture that it adds to a space.  i know this sounds terrible but i love wood paneling.  here's a few pics.
Living Room contemporary living room

Inspiration Board on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Country Living Room traditional living room

bead board backsplash...very clean
hhbradys ideabook kitchen eclectic kitchen
love the walls & ceiling.  this room is much crazier {and more fun} than i would ever be brave enough to do.  but it makes me smile  looks like spring.
kitchen painted floor eclectic kitchen

what a neat space huh?  i love all the white.  i love the texture of the beams, the molding & the paneling.
Austin Patterson Disston Architects traditional kids

even kids love paneling.  the ceiling & walls are covered in this room but since they are painted two different colors it adds more interest.
Turning One Room into Multiple Rooms | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh  kids

this pic made the list because of the small patch of wood paneling that snuck into this kitchen.

custom island traditional kitchen

i even found some wide paneling for the bedroom...
Master Bedroom contemporary bedroom

perfect for rustic or frilly spaces.  everybody wins!
Zuniga Interiors  entry

Lafayette Residence Two traditional living room

Lettered Cottage Guest room traditional bedroom
Rustic Ceiling eclectic kitchen
this kitchen is a little industrial for me but i loved the weathered wood on the island.  love.

Salvaged Material Kitchen eclectic kitchen

i found some great shots from apartment therapy but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me share them with you.  i hope to add them later.  all other images i found via houzz.

what are your thoughts?  love it or hate it?  by the way we do have a really fun ceiling on our front porch of gorgeous wood paneling but as far as inside...i have NONE so this is all just wishful thinking.  hopefully someday i can talk benny into adding some to our humble abode.

UPDATE:  apartment therapy pretties...they finally let me add

Thursday, March 25, 2010

fun with ben & jen: grub, sunsets & ice cream

you didn't think that i could string out spring break posts for a week did you? surprise!

here's some additional pics from the trip that i wanted to record.

on our trip we ate.  we ate a lot of food.  we went to fancy places & hole-in-the-wall beachy places and all of them were wonderful.  its so nice to get to eat a meal across from your sweetie.  look at him...just like a teddy bear.
that's my meal.  i told you we ate a lot.  i think i ate more than ben at every meal.  heffer.
blurry but i love them anyway.
just another day at the pool.  nothing but blue skies.
on our last evening in florida i got to grub on the meal i had been waiting for all week, watch the sunset on the beach and eat a giant ice cream cone {i only asked for a single.  i think they liked me}. 
my favorite part was just enjoying the company of my loving, hilarious & sweet husband. i had such a blast on our first "family vacation" together.  i love adventuring with you benny.  when can we go back?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lucky duck

after i recieved an overwhelming outpouring of inquiries from my {dancing post}  about my super fun sweatshirt i thought i should share it with the world. 

i present to you, my ducks.
i'm pretty sure at one point these we produced in mass {obviously because of high demand} but by now i'm pretty sure that this gem is one of a kind.  it has a little artist's signature in the bottom corner of the image complete with the year {the signature is little, i'm not sure about the artist}.  do you want to guess when it was made....yep just a tad younger than me!  it's from 1987.  my baby is 23 years old.  it used to be my dad's which i think makes things even better {if it could get better}.  it is thin, soft & worn.  it is perfect.

if you're having trouble making out what's happening on my sweats let me tell ya.  it's from the university of michigan.  there are three awesome ducks surrounded by streamers and confetti blowing noise makers and wearing funny sunglasses, needless to say, they are having a blast.  they each are also wearing sweatshirts {just like me} that spell out "F-U-N".  if that doesn't spell fun i don't know what does.  and finally, my favorite has the phrase "all ducked out ready to party" under the ducks.  could it be anymore awesome?  i think not.
when we moved into our new house i thought my ducks were gone forever.  i had unpacked all but one box {that i thought contained summer clothes} and just knew it couldn't be there.  we finally started organizing the last remnants shoved into the guest room and there it was.  my ducks in all their glory.  i immediately packed it on our trip to florida.  on the first day of our trip i misplaced them {again}.  ben said "jen, you just found them and you've already lost them again??"  indeed i had. i was all set to write a ducks memorial post when...ta da!  there it was!  ducks for me!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

fun with ben & jen: puttin' around

i told you in my last post about our 1 cloudy morning of vacay.  well we don't a little gloom get us down!  we went out for a st. paddy's day lunch and then off to the putt-putt course {smuggler's cove}.
it was pirate themed.  jenna, you would have been in heaven.
there are princesses in pirate ships right?
here's my nasty, greasy self & handsome hubs with our clubs.
benny is a much better putt-er than i.  he got TWO holes in one!  one he even bounced off a big ol' rock up into the air, bounced off the back of the green and into the hole.  i was so proud of his mad skills.  i was always just slightly off.  {welcome to my life}
i thought this was really funny.  i gather that the maximum is flexible, eh?
it was a wonderful adventure. i had a purple ball. we laughed together. and you know what? after we were all was warm & sunny again. off to the pool i suppose!?